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  • pointme2dabutterz

    give me a brake down on each
    track beatwise.
    I'm like fuck it, it leaked
    so lets speak about it

    tha mics ma opponent
    slap ya brain so hard,
    ya every thought a have
    my finger prints on it.....


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    The new album is a masterpiece, it's one of my favorite to come out in 2001. You mixed gangsta shit, a little guitar rock shit and the horror movie shit into one album so there is something for everyone. I liked how you kept the album just D12 with no guests or nothing. Some people say the beats weren't what they should have been but I disagree, I think the shit came out raw. Also, a lot of people are hating on Bizarre which I disagree with, he is an important member of the group, he's the lunitic. I like it a lot better than MMLP and am looking forward to see how you plan on topping this album. Hopefully your next album you'll put my dawg R.O.C. on a track. This album will be a Detroit rap classic. I'm really looking forward to picking the album up June 19th.


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      still haven't heard it...i'll just wait for that shit to drop...


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        To da butterz.....LMAO

        The word BUTTERZ gives me sooo much joke!!!
        WHY?? well in UK terms if something/someone is BUTTERZ its BUTT UGLY....for real!!!! where as in the US its the shiznit right??

        oh and P.S I aint heard ANY of the album yet....so
        Oh No! not this ***** again...
        Ima Black granade that'll blow up in yer face...BoOoOoM!
        And all women aint shit..only good for cooking, cleaning, sucking dick...and thats it!...Dawg, shut your fuckin mouth...this bitch IS THA shit!


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          Hopefully your next album you'll put my dawg R.O.C. on a track.

          ROC on a D12 yeah right


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            I haven't heard the album yet either, but I'm hearing from more and more people everyday, that it is hella tight! Can't wait to cop it, June 19th!!!!!



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              Speaking of "Butterz" When does the new DJ Butter drop? Yo Proof is D-12, Royce, Slum on this cd too?
              My Eminem and D12 collection for sale


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                Hopefully your next album you'll put my dawg R.O.C. on a track.

                ROC on a D12 yeah right

                Even though I'm 99% sure it will never happen, why wouldn't ROC be on a D12 album?


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                  i got the album.

                  it is tight!!!!!!

                  for real i cant stop listenin to it. every god dam song just makes me wanna bounce to it.

                  i luv aintnuttin but music that makes me laugh

                  pimp like me is so heavy....the beat to that is one of the best on the album with revelation.

                  i just gotta say one of my favourite parts on the album is in "revelation" in PROOFS verse about 4 mins 20 secs into the song.....slim cums in and goes "violence violence".. that bit cums off fuckin heavy!!!!!

                  for real the album gets 10/10

                  lookin forward to more d12 shit already!!!!!!!


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                    The album is everything I expected, and I had huge expectations. Say, Proof, I saw you on MuchMusic and you are definately right about the "People person" desicription of yourself . You basically, did everything! Showed the studio, the Mountain Dew fridge and your "state of the art" studio
                    Anyways, I heard something about you knowing "what the second one will sound like". Does that mean you have already started work on the next album?

                    Well, anyways, it was fucking ill seeing everything that I've heard about.
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                    Record: 5-3


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                      I wish the album didn't leak cuz I would like it if we all just went to the store to buy it like the days w/o internet. Now you can just download all that shit. I haven't listened to Pimp Like Me, Devil's Night, and Instigator yet, but from what I have heard that shit is fuckin tight. Big ups to Proof, [since you the only one of D12 that can read this shit] -- you did one hell of a job on the album layin' down your lyrics. They the tightest I heard, on Revelation, that shit's just kkkrazyy. June 19th or DIE BITCH!!!

                      [Reppin' the D12 Nation 4 LIFE]
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                        alright, i'ma do my best to give my review of each song and shit like that:

                        1. Another Public...
                        Funny ass continuation of the Public Service Announcements.
                        2. Shit Can Happen
                        Great beat. Everybody came off well on this song. Why did "cops" get edited out though? Compared to some of the shit you guys say, that's not too bad.
                        3. Pistol Pistol
                        I LOVE the double chorus to this. It goes together perfect. The beat is another great one. Personally, I liked Proof's and Kon Artis's verses best. I liked Bizarre's verse because he disses a lot of people and he doesn't talk about the shit he normally does, which just shows all those people that hate on him that he can do more than what they think.
                        4. Bizarre Skit
                        It's alright. Not really much to say.
                        5. Nasty Mind
                        I love the chorus. I always love to hear rappers sing, and Bizarre does great at it. The last line of the chorus is my favorite. Sick beat too. I think I like Swift's verse the best.
                        6. Ain't Nuttin' But Music
                        Great beat. Funny ass lyrics. Every verse had me laughing my ass off. Very catchy chorus. Could get popular in the "pop" crowd if it gets airplay.
                        7. American Psycho
                        Dark song. Eerie beat. Good chorus. I think Kon Artis might have come best on this one, although all of the verses were great.
                        8. That's How Skit
                        Not much to say.
                        9. That's How
                        Nice beat. I love the short verses with the cycling through everybody on it. I like how it's got that one line similar after every verse, but then also has a chorus.
                        10. Purple Pills
                        Very catchy song. Uptempo beat. Good lyrics. Definitely going to attract a lot of attention.
                        11. Fight Music
                        Very energetic song. I think Eminem came the best. In my opinion, this may be one of the best, most meaningful, verses he has ever rapped.
                        12. Instigator
                        Once again, great beat. I liked every verse, but i especially liked the feud between Proof and Kon Artis.
                        13. Pimp Like Me
                        Sick ass beat. Very fast. Every verse was excellent, except I didn't like Bizarre's so much. I mean, it doesn't really go with the flow of the songs, and the lyrics aren't the best, he pretty much talks about his normal subject matter and doesn't go anywhere with it. I would have loved to hear a verse by Eminem in it somewhere because I love when he raps fast, but a great song nevertheless.
                        14. Blow My Buzz
                        I love this beat and the chorus is SOOO sick. Everyone comes off great, but I think I liked Eminem's and Proof's best. "I think I'm going Def like Mos senile men"
                        15. Obie Trice Skit
                        Good skit. Nice verse by Obie Trice. Nothing too great, but I know he has talent and potential and can't wait for his first album on Shady Records.
                        16. Devil's Night
                        Very dark beat. I like the "da da da da da da da" in the chorus. I liked every verse about equally. I liked Bizarre's mention of Lil' Bow Wow.
                        17. Steve Berman Skit
                        FUCKING FUNNY SHIT. By far the best skit on the album, especially if you've heard the previous ones. Had me fucking rolling. Is that really Steve Berman, or just someone supposed to be him?
                        18. Revelation
                        Maybe the best song on the album. I love the beat and the chorus is incredibly awesome. I love screaming that shit out when I'm blasting the song. I liked Kuniva's and Proof's verses the best, but Proof's is the best I think. His verse is full of so much feeling. The "violence, violence" fits so perfectly. Can anyone (Proof especially) tell me what he says at the very beginning and very end of the verse?
                        19. Girls
                        Great diss track. I like Limp Bizkit, but I love a good diss track by Eminem. Nobody does 'em better. I think a third verse woulda been good, but you write what you write. And I also think he could have gotten a lot more personal. Regardless of all of that, it's still a great track and the chorus is great too.

                        Overall comments:

                        OUTSTANDING album, especially for a debut. This is one of the few CDs that I can listen to every single track without skipping around. That doesn't happen too often nowadays.
                        Proof, why are most of your verses so quiet? Not that it's necessarily bad, but it's kinda hard to hear sometimes.
                        Can someone (Proof, I'm sure you'd know) what is edited out of "Devil's Night", "Instigator", "Pistol Pistol", "Purple Pills", and "Shit Can Happen"?
                        I was impressed by everybody on this album, but the one that suprised me the most was Kon Artis. Song after song, I found myself rewinding to hear some shit he had said again and again.

                        "I'll cripple any hypocritic critic I'm sicked on" - Eminem


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                          Yo I'm holdin out till the 19th and I'm gonna cop it firts thing in the morning.
                          From what I hear it's hot shit and I can't wait fo it 2 drop.
                          DAYZ IS SHORT AND LIFE IS SHORTER.
                          Keep it real.

                          www.cvsfinest.com <---real hiphop


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                            why were there no guests.

                            I was sooooooooo looking forward to hearing Royce on one track, or even Xzibit.

                            Other than those 2, i really wouldnt care.

                            Personally, I'm only feeling a bit of the album.

                            this is what I'm feeling:

                            "Shit Can Happen" - I bump this song so fucking loud in my nieghborhood. play b-ball to it, etc. Eminem's verse iz tha best.
                            "Shit can happen, so stick to rappin, quit the yappin, or ima lift the mac in"

                            "Aint nuttin but music" - funny as shit. "lotta rappers iz livin in lala land, thats why i let my dawgz out on the baha men" also "im not mad, and i dont need to be a 'Jackass' just to beat up my dad"

                            "Thats How" and "Purple Pills" - just nice tracks, Proof comes through the best on bothe of these

                            "Pimp Like me" - why the fuck iz bizzare in this song?? SWifty comes through the nicest here

                            "Revelation" - by far THA BEST FUCKIN SONG EVER - DRE made this track sooooooo nice. best Eminem verse on the album "A CRAZY TEENAGER NUTTIN COULD CHANGE ME BACK, GANGSTA RAP MADE ME ACT LIKE A MANIAC" best Proof verse on the album as well.

                            The whole album shoulda been based on that track!

                            I'd give u guyz 4 Mics outta 5. and ima buy tha album on tues.

                            peace Proof, and peace everyone else

                            Yo If It Wasnt For Your Whip, Id Have Nothin To Strip
                            If It Wasnt For A Wrist, Id Have Nothin To Slit
                            If It Wasnt For The Shrooms, Id Have Nothin To Chew
                            Im Just Fuckin With You, Cause I Got Nothin To Do

                            Royce Da 59 and Slim Shady



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                              I never pre-rehearse my verses/I spit my lyrics at you like 4 fuckin curses/injected by three dirty nurses/You cats say I'm whack but why ya'll stealin my raps?/ G's only rap about platinum and gold, that storys already been told so throw down your cards and fold/Ya'll look at my skin color and start to get bold/Start laughin when you see my step up to the mic, when i serve you Catastrophic ends up in a fight at the end of the night/{Whiny Voice} ya'll a fake Dirty Dozen, don't be mad beause you rap like your sisters second cousin/ My mom said take out the trash so i put her in a bag, I dissed your dad by callin him a fag/

                              Yo I know i aint supposed to post that here but fuck it, i wanted to type it and i was at this thread. Anyways this is what i was spittin in a car on my way back wit my homies from playin ball at the park. It's pretty weak but they thought it was aiight especially since i'm a youngen and my homies is like 19, but anyways give feedback if ya want (Proof too)

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