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Whats the "Dirty Nation" and what does it meen to You?

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  • Whats the "Dirty Nation" and what does it meen to You?

    In YOUR words what is the "Dirty Nation " and what does it meen to YOU?
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    I think the Dirty Nation is a bunch of Dirty Heads that get together as an online family or whateva u wanna fuckin call it, and disguss shit about D-12, life, hip hop, or whateva. See, i love this cuz where i live, everyone outkasts me as a ****** and i cant ever disguss hip hop wit them, they just listen to Incubus and what not. I love this shit, ya'll kick ass.


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      I cant get to sleep!- sorry thats irrelevent...

      Simply put I think that it is ppl that are into D12, kinda like uhh..Jimmy Buffet and the Parrotheads. Well, I am not comparing the two, but I hope you know what I am saying. Its a whole bunch of ppl that have at least one common ground that brings them together- D12.
      I really hope that I am making sense because it is so hot and I cant get to sleep, the power lines outside of my house even started to catch on fire,really, they did. I am getting loopy, I think that I will smoke one. Sorry for rambling on.
      U make me cum-
      U make me cumplete-
      U make me cumpletely miserable.
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      So When You Go Solo, You Hold Your Own Hand
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        The dirty nation is whole lot of people[family] under 6 gods.
        It's not just about d12's music, it's about the Life-Style
        Hustlin,Rapping,Girls/Guys,Fun,friends,family,Liquer/drugs,HipHop :D its all of that plus alot of other stuff. we all have the same intrests.
        That's my Life-Style till i die[lol].
        HipHop meens everything 2 me!
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          i think a dirty nation is where all the dirty heads work together as a very large community to help each other out and realate to each other and depend on each other like a village.Across the whole united states and foreighn countrys.D-12 nation in my eyes where realate and commute about life hard times,good times,friends,girls(or an a females case guys),drugs pretty much what tommy listed.
          props to my fellow dirty heads and be the dirtiest shadiest people known to mankind and all existence
          props to dirty administraters


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            yo i believe the nation is an ever growing community of dirty heads, that as the population increases, so does the respect. once we own the respect, we get the power. once we own the power, the possibilities are endless...

            big up to my fellow dirty heads, stay tight ya'll
            "He Who Makes a Beast Out of Himself, Gets Rid of the Pain of Being a Man."


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              Real People!

              D12 Nation is a world full of people who "just don't give a fuck". They are not conformed in anyway. They speak what they feel and act however they want. Of course, our main objective is to support the DIRTY-MOVEMENT and D12.
              Were only doing this dance once, we should never hold back, because of how people will re-act!
              Be REAL by being YOU!


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                dirty nation to me is a group of people who all(well most of us)like the samthing d12 and its a place for me to come cos where i live not many people like hip-hop(sad losers)so i can come here and chat or post messages to those who do :D


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                  i think the Dirty Nation is when hip hopper's and Dirty heads come together and form a group of our own comuinity and can do whatever the fuck we want cuz its the dirty nation.....


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                    The Dirty Nation to me is a united group of hip hoppers with a one common interest: D12. The groups comes together on this site and other D12 sites and is a tightly knit unit. D12 is not the only thing discussed, but hip hop and life are a main focus.

                    If it weren't for sites like D12World I wouldn't be able to interact with Dirty Heads from Europe, Australia, and other corners of the globe. We also learn a bit of culture and language from all over and how different people live and communicate. If it weren't for a site like this I wouldn't have met some really dope people. Big Ups Jim, Jason, and David! Big UPs to all of D12 and the extended family too, because they are all really genuine and down-to-Earth people.

                    When hanging out with people from the Dirty Nation, it's not just all about D12. When David and Jason came up to Tha D I got to know them, and it's like they are my brothers I never had. I've been able to hang with Jim quite a bit and he's always lookin' out for me and I appreciate everything he has done for me, and I try to do what I can back. There have also been a few times Jim has just been there to give me advice and pick up my spirits and is a great friend. Anything I can do homey just let me know!

                    So BIG BIG UPS to Jim, Jason, and David for creating/maintaining this website, BIG BIG UPS to all the Dirty Heads I have met here, and BIG BIG UPS to the D12 Fam especially Proof for keeping it true...One Love
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                      the dirty nation for me

                      its a group of people who help me chill.
                      if i had a dick i know u'd be riding it


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                        the dirty nation to me is

                        its basically what richiez313 said.
                        its where ppl from across the globe with a united interest come to talk about everything they can think of.not just rap and d12 but, sex,drugs,drink,other types of music and life.its also where ppl can help each other out by answer q's and(most importantly for some)where they can beef with other dirty heads!!
                        or something like that!!haha-starting to take myself a bit to serious here!!
                        im smacking up sluts
                        keepin the hoes in check
                        the double s slim shady

                        if i could capture the rage of todays youth and bottle it,
                        crush the glass from my bare hands and swallow it.


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                          yo everything every1 has said so far is all true and i agree wiv the lot of ya.......

                          BUT.........i was kinda thinkin about "DIRTY NATION" on a bigger scale.

                          like wot "PROOF" said about every city in every country can appoint their own "DIRTY MAYOR", "DIRTY GOVENOR" e.t.c

                          and if sum1 submits their list of 20 peeps to start the "DIRTY NATION" so we can have "DIRTY HEADS" not jusdt online but all over the globe!!!!

                          its gonna be a fuckin "DIRTY WORLD"!!!!!!!!!!

                          lol me and my boy r well u pfor representin london and keepin it G shit fo sho!!!!


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                            Dirty Nation means a group of D12 fans who all mostly get along. That is as simple as it gets.
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                              in my own words i think the dirty nation is simply...........................................W hatever WE make it, without us as a whole we wouldn't have the DN so propz to all u derty headz one love ya'll./ peace
                              yoyoyo d-12 is ill an' repersent'in thier shit//
                              that iz why i muzt mention them on my bit//
                              comm'on i'm alwayz 10 stepz ahead//
                              try to pass me n' end up dead//
                              Ca$h MoNey Millar//
                              immma fuk'in serial killa//
                              fuck wit me n' make my shit iller//
                              it takez 1 shot to fuck wit me//
                              more then 2, an ya see ma double barrel shotty//
                              cause i'm a real fuk'in g//
                              so come n' see....
                              Ca$h MoNey KrOniC

                              MSN: [email protected]
                              ICQ: 71924778

                              One to ma crew... Lyrical Killa'z


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