I'm currently recording my debut album "4th Dimention" on Deadly Mix Productions. It's gonna be tight. I was gonna have White Boy Ric (the Detroit rapper, not the YBI member) on there but I changed my mind, if i get ahold of Low Down again soon he'll be on there (ask Proof about him..he's tight), Mr. Ice (another rapper from Detroit) is set to be on there, and I'm willing to let any other fresh MCs I hear have a spot on there. I'm getting produced by my producer King Joe (who's a fresh ass producer and turntablist and also the cousin of one of the rappers from Mic Devil'sif you know who they are/were) and Cheyenne Goff (lead singer of Bliss 66)is gonna help co-produce. You probably don't listen to 89X so you probably don't know who Bliss 66 is but they're a new band from Michigan (rock music). He's a great producer too. The lyrics are tight, the beats are tight, and everything else about it is equally great. the style veries from song to song (old skool on some tracks, new futuristic shit on other songs, gangsta on some songs, etc.). Be on the look out for the album if you're from the Detroit area...if not wait another year or so and you'll know who I am.
-Tony Rome