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Eminem spoke at the funeral

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  • Eminem spoke at the funeral

    Big crowds delay start of Proof's funeral; Em and Obie Trice speak

    April 19, 2006

    Email this Print this BY BILL McGRAW and KELLEY L. CARTER


    Mourners gathered outside Fellowship Chapel in Detroit before the funeral for hip-hop star Proof. (ERIC SEALS/DFP)

    Photo galleries:

    Proof's funeral
    A capacity crowd of about 2,000 people filled Fellowship Chapel on Wednesday to mourn Detroit hip-hop star Proof.

    People waited in lines that wrapped around the church to get into the scheduled 11 a.m. service, which started about 45 minutes late to accommodate the crowd's entry.

    The funeral began with the church's pastor, Rev. Wendell Anthony, reading passages from scripture while family members and close friends paid their last respects in front of the gold-toned casket.

    Proof, who was 32, was dressed in athletic wear and Kangol cap. His rap name and birth name, Deshaun D. Holton, were etched at the bottom of the casket in English script. He was surrounded by a huge display of flowers, blankets and other adornments.

    Ushers helped several people who were overcome with grief, and some mourners screamed in anguish as the casket was closed.

    Among those in attendance were Eminem, 50 Cent, Obie Trice, D12 members Bizarre, Kuniva, Kon Artis and Swift, and Eminem's manager Paul Rosenberg.

    Eminem sat in a pew behind Proof’s family, wearing a black suit. When attendees started giving testimonials, he went to the lectern and said he had nothing planned, but that “I can’t just let my friend go without me saying my peace.”

    Eminem told a story from when he was 16 years old and living on the east side. He said Proof approached him and threw a pair of shoes at his feet, saying: “Put those on.”

    When Eminem asked why, he said Proof told him: “Cuz I’m tired of you wearing those dirty-ass shoes.”

    Eminem added: “I apologize for cussing in church.”

    Visibly worn out, Eminem broke down in tears when speaking.

    “He taught me how to be a leader,” Eminem said. “I’m sure everybody who has ever met him, even just once, can testify to the fact that he illuminated a room when he walked in it. I believe that Proof loved people and people loved him. He was a magnet. He lured you in. You wanted to learn about him, follow his swagger. Without Proof, there would be no Eminem, no Slim Shady, no D12. ”

    Proof’s family presented Eminem with a framed picture of Eminem and Proof together.

    Later, Detroit rapper Obie Trice, a labelmate of Eminem and Proof's group D12, spoke and called for an end to violence. Trice was shot in the head in a New Year's Eve incident, and a bullet remains lodged in his skull.

    “I want to talk to the black men in here that’s coming up in the hood, coming up in the struggle," Trice said, overcome with tears. "We’re killing each other, dawg. And it’s about nothing. Nothing. Nothing. We’re all dying. And we’re leaving our kids. Our mommas. Our grandmas. Over nothing.”

    “Proof is the one. He is the pioneer of Detroit music,” Trice continued. “You feel me? We’ve got to stand up, man. I love all y’all. We black people. White people, too. I love y’all, too. We got to stand up. Rest in peace.”

    Rev. Anthony continued with Trice's theme. In a long, thundering eulogy, Anthony denounced violence as “the madness that is infecting” Detroit. “Violence is the weed that is choking the life out of our community,” he said.

    Mourners were handed a full-color 14-page program, which included numerous testimonials and photos, including a nearly full page shot of Proof with his arm around Eminem. Among the notations: “Proof was the funniest cat I ever knew in my life,” signed by Duane (Legwork).

    Sixteen names were listed as pallbearers, mostly family and friends, including Mark Hicks, Proof’s longtime manager. Several others were listed as honorary pallbearers, including Eminem, the members of D12 and Detroit rapper Trick Trick.

    People had begun arriving at the church at about 8 a.m. The first two people in line were cousins from Detroit, Ebony Johnson, 18, and Dvonne Johnson, 14.

    “We’re here to pay our respects to Proof. He was from Detroit and he was a good rapper,” said Ebony Johnson.

    “Everybody thought he was a good man. He was repping his city,” added Dvonne.

    Cars were parked all along Outer Drive and nearby side streets. The law enforcement presence was heavy, including members of the Detroit Police Department, Wayne County Sheriff's Department and Michigan State Police.

    An antique carriage drawn by white horses was waiting to transport the casket from the church at Southfield and Outer Drive to the burial site, Woodlawn Cemetery on Woodward Avenue near 8 Mile.

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    already been posted in news
    ... it's no surprise, that I got lost in your brown eyes ...


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      That is really sad....Eminem and Obbie Trice were crying. I'm not sure if Obbie Trice was because it just said he was 'overcoming with tears', but it said that Eminem was crying. That is really sad.....R.I.P Dehsaun Holton (Proof).
      R.I.P. BIG PROOF
      "New Kids on the Block, sucked a lot of dick
      Boy/girl groups make me sick
      And I can't wait 'til I catch all you faggots in public
      I'ma love it.. (hahaha)"


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        Thats so sad.

        We'll all miss him so much.
        He was a good mad.
        Rest In Peace Proof.
        We love & miss you so much.
        Rest In Peace
        Deshaun "Proof" Holton
        Forever In Our Hearts.

        They Say The Good Die Young

        "Proof didnt die,
        God just challenged
        im to a battle."


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          I cried reading that, I honestly did.
          I can't even imagine what I would do if my best friend died...
          R.I.P. PROOF
          ..join and I'll love you forever..


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            awwwwwwwww man *wipes tears away* thats some fucked up shit. rip proof we love you


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              wow....shitt...i'm happy that so many people did go and show their respect though....truly rip....
              So When The Devil Asks You To Dance, You Better Say Never/
              Because A Dance With The Devil Might Last You Forever/


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                Wow. I imagine it was a sight to see.......... It surprises me that it was open to the public but I know Proof adored his fans and that would only be fair... Wow.

                It really confirms everything to hear about the funeral, etc.



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                  thats so sad... *tears roll down my face* .... i cant imagine how it hard it was for his friends and family... and to know how much eminem cried there is just heart-wrenching.... its so sad... but im glad that so many people showed up to pay respect to him.. i wish i had the chance to go to the funeral to show respect... even though that didnt happen.. im still showing love for him and my condolences go out to his friends, family, and fans...
                  R.I.P. DESHAUN "PROOF" HOLTON
                  "THEY SAY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG...." WE'LL MISS YOU


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                    dont worry when the world becomes so rotton n the world ends thats when everybody will re-unite.Therez always light at the end of the tunnel
                    My words form pictures Jigsaws built from torn scriptures A warped image A collage of small figments Inter-related Creative with raw English I walk with born sinners who talk business


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                      lol i liked that story Em told about him and Proof when he was 16 haha. R.I.P., people may not notice it but detroit music aside, and Aftermath label mates aside...Proof changed the face of hip hop as a whole in general through it and through Eminem.


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                        ...ALLES IS KUNST...

                        Today there will be no remorse at all,
                        Come what may.....!


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                          R.I.P. Proof
                          NO MERCY - DECEMBER 7TH

                          R.I.P. - Big Proof
                          October 2, 1973 - April 11, 2006


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                            A.R.Y (Always remeber you)

                            Im glad members of D12 were there and eminem and that stopping the end to violence was the topic to make people realise what they doing to each other.
                            Its like the words in coolios song gansta paradise
                            " Tell me why are we so blind to see that the ones we hurt are you and me"
                            Part of my own poem which i thought is good for remebering proof
                            "In the sky is where you are
                            Amongst that brightest star
                            So you’re never really far"

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	untitled27lb.png
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Size:	63.4 KB
ID:	10020300

                            No more to die
                            No more to cry
                            Doesnt matter how
                            just stop the violence now

                            (F) R.I.P Proof (F)
                            (F)(F) all the good that died young(F)


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                              you can hear the speech there ^
                              true ^


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