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  • My Proof Article--- need tips n wut not....

    On Tuesday, April 12th, 2006, in a Detroit nightclub, the world of Hip- hop suffered an unbearable loss. I an early morning altercation between Proof and Keith Bender at Detroit’s Triple C club at around 4:30 am, three bullets were put into Deshaun Holton’s head and chest. Proof was 33 years old; he leaves behind a wife and five children.

    Though the details of this case have yet to be confirmed, the most current reports indicate that Proof had stayed after hours at the club at which time he and Bender became engulfed in a heated argument. Proof reportedly placed a hand in Benders face, prompting Bender to pull a gun. It has been reported that Proof then pulled out his own gun and shot, sending Bender into critical condition, at which time Bender’s cousin, Mario Ethridge in turn shot Proof, and then grabbed the gun Bender had used and fled. Ethridge was a bouncer at the club and is expected to take the position of self- defense at trial. Keith Bender was later rushed to a private hospital, the same one that Proof was taken to; he remained there in critical condition for 5 days before being pronounced dead on April 17, 2006. Proof on the other hand, though rushed to the same hospital, is believed to have died almost immediately. In a statement posted on his website, eminem.com, Eminem implore the world not to judge his best friend “Right now, there's a lot of people focusing on the way he died. I want to remember the way he lived. Proof was funny, he was smart, he was charming. He inspired everyone around him. He can never, ever be replaced. He was, and always will be, my best friend.”

    Authorities were in the process of apprehending the person(s) responsible for the two deaths when Ethridge turned himself in. There is mass speculation suggesting that his surrendering was in an effort to avoid undoubtedly horrid retaliation at the hands of Proof’s ‘people’. "Proof frequented the place and there is of course no way the bouncer or anyone else in the club didn't know who he was,” That is a statement very easy to believe.

    Proof, aka Derty Harry or Big Proof has been coined the crowned King of Detroit; such a title is quite an achievement considering the large amount of musical aspiration in Motown. He along with Eminem and legendary producer J Dilla, who also died this February due to a fatal blood disease, are considered to the three main, largest factors of Detroit rap; Proof was the one constant factor holding it all together. “I consider Proof to be the thin line between Em's version of the D and Dilla's version of the D” ruminates Roots member ?uestlove “Proof indeed was connected to both worlds” In the late eighties/ early nineties, Proof gained notoriety throughout out Detroit due to his incredible lyrical dexterity. In weekly battles held at Detroit’s Hip-Hop Shop and other such locations, Proof rose to the top of the freestyle pyramid, winning battles and gaining city- wide recognition. This distinction was roughly depicted in the 2001 movie 8 mile through the use of a character called ‘Future’. Detroit is reeling. [color=“red”] More. [/color]

    Two funeral services held for Proof on and drew an estimated total of people. Mourners waited in lines wrapping around the Fellowship Chapel get into the 11 a.m. service. Funeral proceedings were started about 45 minutes late to accommodate the immense attendance. The services were held under in an atmosphere that was highly emotional. All of D12’s members along with the most prominent of Detroit’s hip hop scene were present, setting the stage for touching and at times tearful testimony of departed comrade. “I can’t just let my friend go without me saying my peace.” said Eminem before giving a narrative about a time when the two were 16. “Proof approached me and threw a pair of shoes at my feet, and said: ‘Put those on’” When Em asked why, Proof told him: ‘Cuz I’m tired of you wearing those dirty-ass shoes.’ “I apologize for cussing in church.” He added. Visibly worn out, Eminem broke down in tears when speaking. “He taught me how to be a leader... everybody who has ever met him, even just once, can testify to the fact that he illuminated a room when he walked in it. I believe that Proof loved people and people loved him. He was a magnet... Without Proof, there would be no Eminem, no Slim Shady, no D12. ”

    Shady record signee Obie Trice also paid his own tearful respects to Holton. “I want to talk to the black men in here that’s coming up in the hood, coming up in the struggle," said Trice. “We’re killing each other, dawg. And it’s about nothing. Nothing. Nothing. We’re all dying. And we’re leaving our kids. Our mommas, our grandmas, over nothing... Proof is the one. He is the pioneer of Detroit music, you feel me? We’ve got to stand up, man. I love all y’all. We black people. White people, too. I love y’all, too. We got to stand up. Rest in peace.” The funeral was altogether a very heartrending one, sending hundreds of people home with most melancholy expressions upon their faces.

    Proof was best known as the founder of the Detroit rap group D-12 or The Dirty Dozen whose most famous member is Eminem. Aside from appearing on/ producing a number of mix tapes, Proof has contributed to two official D-12 albums, Devils Night and D-12 World and has two official solo albums of his own: Grown Man Sh**, and Searching For Jerry Garcia. A third D-12 album: The Ambition was scheduled to be released in April 2007; it is not known whether the members will proceed with that work on that album.

    The members of D12 are obviously in a lot of pain at the moment; this is the second loss of its nature the group has suffered. “I just don't know how to feel right now” quips member Kon Artis “It's crazy because we're suffering all these losses. We lost Bugz. Now we lost Proof. I just don't know, you know what I mean? We're all so messed up. Whatever happened, whoever this dude is [he] is still around. This is just crazy”. Crazy is not the word.

    Seven years ago, just before the group’s nationwide debut, D-12 member Cornell Pitts aka ‘Bugz’ was killed in a fight at a picnic under circumstances strikingly resemblant of these. [color=“red”] “That tore me up,” admits Swift solemnly. “Me and Bugz rapped together, laughed together, and got drunk together. He’s still with us, though. Before we go on stage, we pray, and he’s right there, watching over us.”[/color] Bugz’ death is what prompted the production of tribute track “Good Die Young” on D12’s second album D12 World. To listen to that song is now an almost disturbing experience, to hear Proof talk about how ‘the fun stops when your homie’s up in the box’ in his verse is if nothing else shaking in its ironic prophecy.

    That isn’t the only eerie coincidence surrounding Proof’s death. On Eminem’s 4th album, Encore, there is a song called “Like Toy Soldier’s” in which Em addresses the nature of beefing, or feuding within the hip-hop industry. In the video, Eminem’s closest friend, Proof is shot and Em is shown in a rage over the death, tossing over hospital equipment angrily as the last moments of Proof’s life slip away. The footage undoubtedly haunts Em now.

    Others who’ve worked with him show their anger at their loss “Anytime someone dies in the world period I'm upset. It's when they get murdered that it really hits home!” writes rapper game in a letter addressing Proof’s passing “I met Proof early 2002 in a studio in Los Angeles & we clicked right off the back… Over the years we became real cool & remained homies throughout all the beef witt G-Unit so to wake up this mornin' at 10:41am flip open my sidekick & read that the homie was killed …that just literally f***** my day…. Proof will always be remembered & I as well as the Black Wallstreet family will keep his memory & his family in our prayers, 1” The condolences didn’t stop coming. They came through email, radio, television, letters, they came from everywhere. Among those who paid tribute to Proof were Pall Wall, Snoop Dogg, Reakwon, Little Jon, Cypress Hill, Royce da 5’9 and many others. [color=“red”] “Quote” [/color] Roots rapper ?uestlove told an extensive tale of his first time meeting with Proof. Shade 45

    Myspace.com was immediately flooded with bulletins regarding Proof’s death. Masses of anguished comments were posted on Proofs music Myspace, Myspace.com/proofd12. The Myspaces of the musicians closest to him, including the pages of other D12 members were also inundated with tons of sorrowful goodbyes [color=“red”] “Quote?” [/color] The pages of Runyon Ave, Purple Gang, and countless other Detroit musicians were among those showered with condolences; Lil’ Jon put a R.I.P Proof picture up on his site. Many fans paid tribute to their late on their own pages. Asia last name of Long Beach shut her site (Myspace.com/?) down and made it a complete tribute to Proof; she writes in her blog [color=“red”] “quote” [/color] She is not the only one.

    When things happen, especially music industry events in particular, message board members are often the first to know. Forums are quite possibly the hugest means of spreading information online. Therefore, when the world became aware of Proof’s passing, the hip-hop message boards of the web were hit hard. D12world.com, a site often frequented by d12’s members, most regularly by Proof was filled with poems and tributes from fans. In a thread designated to tribute poems specifically, member Mystery writes [color=“red”] “quote” [/color]. Emil of Sweden from the site is in the process of composing a video tribute to Proof; a compilation of fan homages and footage of the late paradigm. “To show my love and respect for Proof, I'm going to put together a Proof tribute video. It will mostly consist of video footage and still clips of Proof. And hopefully I can get some fans to record themselves when they are saying something about Proof.

    I need your help to find as much video footage as possible. … anything that shows who Proof was.

    And if you want to be part of the tribute video, please record yourself when you're saying something about Proof. Video recording would be best, but only audio is good too. Or you can write a poem or something that will be displayed at the end of the video.

    Your help is highly appreciated and it will only make this tribute video better.

    Please upload everything you find to yousendit or something similar and then PM me the links. … you can send the links to my email [email protected].” members of the Shadysoldiers.com online forum were distraught by the discovery of Proof’s death. [color=“red”] “Quote 4rm SS” [/color] Just one of the countless examples of how much Proof will be missed.

    A note to the readers:

    Though many of you will not recognize the significance of this tragic event even after reading this article, it is important that the importance, I wrote it in the hopes that some of you would. As an avid Shady fan, it has deeply pained me to hear people laughing about this matter- referring to him as ‘some guy from d12 or asking if he was ‘the fat one’ as if this was funny, oblivious to the gravity of this loss. Proof’s passing has left many of the rap industry in shock; his absence will be felt for years to come. Proof’s death has rocked the Detroit hip-hop scene, stripping it of its leader; it will be a while before another of Proof’s caliber comes along.

    Though most are not aware of Proof’s massive musical contribution, you must be aware of the fact that he was much more that a hypeman. As Obie Trice said, Proof was the pioneer of Detroit rap. Proof was one of the most ‘realist’, vibrant people you could ever hope to meet and even in death he will forever rein King of Detroit.

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    I didn't read it all, I think there are already to much of this threads.

    Anyway, it was on 04/11/06.
    ...ALLES IS KUNST...

    Today there will be no remorse at all,
    Come what may.....!


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        Make sure you include how he murdered a veteran


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