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D12 at astoria last night...one word...

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  • D12 at astoria last night...one word...


    shit that concert is still in my head...it wasnt just amazing, it was fucking amazing in my opinion. ok heres my lil review of it:

    i got to the venue at around 6pm and already the queue stretched back streets away. i remember over hearing conversations when people were saying "its more like D10 tonite" thinking em wasnt gonna show up but all was revealed later!at 7pm doors opened and we were all searched. i was real worried they might confiscate my camera but i was allowed in with it. anyway basically i was kinda near to the front of the stage, but unfortunately i had 2 tall blokes in front of me who pretty much blocked my view (would happen to me!) music was pumping out from the speakers. i clearly remember the crowd going crazy when "still dre" was played. oh man!
    so anyway at approximately 8.30 the supporting act (a bunch from brixton end) came out an definitely got the crowd pumped up. they played on for quite some time then left off and music was again played out from the speakers. the crowd started getting unpatient...people were lighting heir spliffs, people walked out from the crowd to bag some seats and eventually people started chanting "D12, D12"...i was kinda getting tiered out to be honest. then i see DJ head walking out and five towels were laid at the front. i knew they were coming out soon. after a bit more waiting DJ head spun "shit can happen" on the deck and out comes kon artis...MAN THE CROWD WENT WILD! I WENT WILD! lol! i dont know how many pics i made of him but it was sure alot! next came kuniva, and again the crowd went bizerk. then swifty came out... the crowd still bouncing about. i cant tell u how tight swift is on stage! then proof came out with alot of "boo" sounding from the crowd (to all the non-english peeps, "boo" in england is a sign of showing mad love) and then bizzy sporting a white shower cap!
    i reckon (but dont remember) they played pistol pistol next, crowd still going crazy! then when the third song played (sorry dont recall wot order the songs played at...too hectic to remember!) em came out sporting a red plain bandana a hoodie and red tracky bottoms. all i got to say is that THE CROWD WENT BIZERKS! LIKE I NEVER SEEN!em couldnt hear himsef for sure. he later striped off his hoodie revealing his new tatoo.
    and from then on everything went crazy (or should i say stayed crazy.)
    heres the tracks they performed. i dont remember wot particular order they played them at unfortuantely, but for sure shit can happen was their first track and im pretty sure aint nuttin but music was their last track.

    shit can happen
    pistol pistol
    fight music
    shit on you
    purple pills
    aint nuttin but music
    under the influence
    thats how
    pimp like me

    in particular i remember swift telling the crowd to stick their middle fingers up, and just then they started revelation...felt good seeing as that day i got my GCSE results and i felt like a big "fuck u" to my school. the crowd went crazy with fight music, bouncing so hard that the stage starting vibrating. lol. and with pimp like me's chorus the crowd sang along to dina raes part. at one point proof stage dived right in front of me, but i was still a metre away so couldnt touch him quite. they threw towels and bandanas to the crowd too and at one point a fight broke about between 2 lads who both caught a towel so i was pushed about even further! but wow, all i got to say is that the noise in there didnt sound like there were 2000 people....sounded more like there were 10 000. there was so much mad love. thoroughly enjoyed. i made loadsa pictures so hopefully they will develop out well and ill sure post them up soon.

    that was one hell of a night, and i cant wait till september the 12 when they return

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    Hey Miss Mandy! What happened to tell everybody how Swifty held his mic with such attitude LOL! :D



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      Mmahdavi, sounds to me the show was hyped as hell!


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        Damn sounds tight as hell..i cant wait to see them "if they ever come here"
        R.I.P - Proof

        "Pull you out the truck and beat you ass worse then Reginald Denny"


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          yeh i was there and everything mandy said was rite. good review!!!!! ithe show was tight as fuck.

          and "tammy tam" ur rite about how swifty was holdin the mic. lol



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            Originally posted by olde-victum
            Damn sounds tight as hell..i cant wait to see them "if they ever come here"
            LMAO!!! I'm feeling you dawg!! They need to hit the Rose Garden or I'm gonna be pissed! If they ever come to P-town, I'll be the first motherfucker buying a ticket.
            Who the hell do you think I am?!


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              haha, swifty held the mic all weird, it was cool, lol! lewis, u came on after venue? HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN!! sorry i wasnt there last nite, i was fucked.


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                haha yeh i was on for like 10 mins and nearly passed out. i was too fucked. and look wot fuckin time it is........9;40 am!!!!!! i cant sleep (

                anyway last nite they didnt play d12. infact they only dun bout 20 mins hip hop. bout 20 mins R & B. it was aight cuz us lot were fucked but we needed u there man!!!!


                p.s. all this talk bout the astoria is makin me jealous. lol it was so fuckin good thursday nite.


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                  hehe, thanx for reminding me how it went down, damn, so much went on that i missed, i hate alcohol now what a waste of an evening
                  if i had a dick i know u'd be riding it


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                    i wanted 2 b there man, but, u heard me, lol, i wasnt doin shit lastnite, ha! and yeh, can u guys some way make a secret thread that i aint gonna see about the astoria in sept, coz i cant get tix, and it was so amazin on thursday, im still fuckin talkin bout it! n im just gettin jealous, lol.

                    they didnt play no D12? lastnite, that sux! well...atleast u was drunk, lol

                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


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                      that was like...one of the best nights ever! I was a havin' a party up in that mo'fucka!!!!
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                        cool review :D
                        back from the day when saying whore was cool


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                          lol its was 1 hell of a night. probably best concert i ever went to. the crowd wasnt dominated by teeny boppers, and i felt i was surrounded by some REAL fans. the atmosphere was unbeleiveable. i got my pics developed and all u see his a bunch of heads...lol. u kinda see proof in one but not much of his face...im not a photographer expertise (as u might have guessed)
                          omg yeah, thanks for reminding me tammy, its true, swifty has so much attitude, he was the tightest on stage no doubt...and the way he held is mic...lol. pretty unique. it had to be seen!
                          i thought it was well funny how proof went "em couldnt make it tonite" when already the opening act (dont remember their name) said, "u guys excited seeing eminem" lol. and on top of it proof had a major grin on his face...he gave it all away...then when em ran on stage it went crazy...he made a good entrance for sure.
                          anyway im glad i survived that show...i was tossed about so much it was absolutely crazy! i actually passed out after by the stairs...so if anyone saw a girl passing out after the show that would of been me!
                          btw nick in one or 2 of the pics i made i spotted u in the crowd...
                          anyway, tommorow im off to reading and ill be making more pics of D12. hopefully they will come out a bit better seeing as it will be day time. ill definitely post another review up and hopefully make some better pics
                          peace everyone
                          BIG UP D12
                          btw happy b'day lewis! how does it feel like being 17?


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                            the concert was fucking amazing! me and dalux had front row balcony seats, had like a perfect view of the stage and could make out the details of each person, like their face and shit! was amazing atmosphere and shit. Only thing, went into Maccy D's before the gig, about 5:30-6:15 sometime i guess, and saw this lovely gal, obviously d12 fan, and we were both looking at each other and smiling and shit. After me and dalux got out stuff we left though, but i think now ishoulda gone over to her and spoken to her. Fuck! if anyone thinks they were that gal, can they pm me plz? im 6'4, short dark hair, wearing blue jeans and dark blue top on the night. Only bad thing about a fucking good night otherwise


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                              Originally posted by Narcosis
                              Fuck! if anyone thinks they were that gal, can they pm me plz? im 6'4, short dark hair, wearing blue jeans and dark blue top on the night. Only bad thing about a fucking good night otherwise
                              lol sorry, dont think it was me. mind u i smiled at everyone and everything...i was so god damn excited i couldnt sustain how i felt...lol.
                              u going to the gig in september? never know, she might me there...


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