1. Bareda-Exclusive Freestyle
2. Jadakiss-Kiss Of Death
3. Purple Gang-Get Up Off The Cash
4. Reign Man-Back Up Off Me
5. Twista-Drinks
6. Joe Buddens-Ya Bodys Hot
7. Bareda feat. Zelah-Got What I Need
8. Famous-Exclusive Freestyle
9. Sly Boogie-Freestyle
10. Kanye West feat Talib Kweli Common-Get Em High
11. Redman feat Icarus-Redlight District
12. D-12-Take Me Up
13. Bareda-Freestyle
14. T-Flame-Exclusive Freestyle
15. Ali Vegas-The Answer
16. Young Gunz feat Jay-Z-Never take Me Alive
17. Bareda-Small Time Hustler
18. Slum Village feat Kanye West-Selfish
19. JoJo Pellegrino-Exclusive
20. Seth Marcel-Could It Be
21. Bareda feat Guilty Simpson-Know My Name!
22. Quest McCody feat K.I.D. Visual-We Dont Stop
23. Marvwon feat Mu-*****z Dont Want It
24. Angelous-cat Get Along

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