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Some Useless Stupid Facts About Eminem That Only Groupies Would Care About

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  • Some Useless Stupid Facts About Eminem That Only Groupies Would Care About

    would i really be posting this if i had other things to do? lol (imwstupid

    ~ E M I N E M is left-handed.

    ~ EM cuts his own hair.

    ~ EM wishes he had a Taco Bell in his backyard cuz he likes it so much. He likes the beef burrito and beef chalupa. Some of his other favorite fast food places are Burger King, McDonald's, & Wendy's.

    ~EM's favorite drink is Mountain Dew.

    ~EM had been wanting 2 sample Aerosmith's "Dream On" since he was 16 or 17. Proof reminded him about it and EM sampled it for "Sing For The Moment".

    ~EM has a black Yukon XL that includes a GameCube, DVD player, and Alpine stereo system.

    ~EM got a Mercedes S1500 for his 31st birthday from Paul, his manager.

    ~EM's favorite actor is Denzel Washington, but his other favorites are Robin Williams and Tom Hanks.

    ~EM considers Chris Rock the funniest man alive. His favorite character of his is Pookie from New Jack City.

    ~The name of the song playing in the background of The Kiss (skit on The Eminem Show) is called "Everyone's Looking At Me." It was a song that EM recorded 4 The Wash soundtrack, but never made it.

    ~EM was embarrased 2 release "Hailie's Song" at first.

    ~Hailie plays video games and colors while EM records in the studio. She came up w/the hook to "My Dad's Gone Crazy" one day-while EM was mixing "Soldier"-she was there playing around and said "Somebody please help him!"

    ~EM wears a silver ring that says "Dad" on it that Hailie gave him for Father's Day in 2002.

    ~Like Dre, EM buys a copy of his own album when it hits stores 4 good luck.

    ~EM likes to play arcades at his house. He has Popeye, Dig Dug, Ms. Pacman, and a Jurassic Park pinball machine.

    ~EM watches Dora the Explorer, Hey Arnold, and the Powerpuff Girls w/Hailie.

    ~Some of EM's favorite movies are How High?, Orange County, and The Matrix.

    ~EM's favorite color is light blue.

    ~EM's shoe size is 10 1/2.

    ~EM likes shopping at K-Mart, but is mad cuz he can't go as much cuz of his fame. He also wishes he could pump his gas w/out wearing a disguise.

    ~ Tom Green and South Park make him laugh like crazy.

    ~When EM writes his lyrics, he starts at the corner of the paper and writes downward instead of writing on the lines.

    ~ To record "Just the Two of Us" w/Hailie in the studio, (now known as "Bonnie and Clyde '97") EM told Kim he was gonna take Hailie to Chuck E. Cheese.

    ~EM got his Rolex watch from Jimmy Iovine, the head of Interscope Records. 1 day, he was playing around and started complaining about how Kid Rock got a Rolex for Christmas and all he got was some free CDs to give to his cousins. So yeah, they gave EM a Rolex and he was happily surprised.

    ~EM attends public community meetings and even lets kids in the neighborhood play basketball at his house.

    ~ EM's 8 year old niece, Amy is a big influence on Hailie. He says that she and Hailie feed off of each other because Hailie learns a lot from her.

    ~ EM’s major influences growing up were his uncle Ronnie, the Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, 2 Live Crew, Run DMC, and 3rd Bass.

    ~When EM was 17, he used to play 2pac's "Dear Mama" nonstop in his car. He considers Pac the greatest lyricist of all time.

    ~According 2 his mom, EM used 2 have a security blanket named "woobie."

    ~ EM's uncle Ronnie bought him his 1st rap album, the "Breakin'" soundtrack. The album also inspired him to become the expert breakdancer he is today.

    ~ EM has a total of 10 tattoos. He has an E M I N E M tattoo on his upper right arm, a picture of Hailie right above it that says Bonnie & Clyde underneath it, a vertical Hailie Jade tattoo on the back of his right arm, a D near his right elbow (the 1st part of his D-12 tattoo), a 12 near his left elbow, a tribal sign on his left wrist that he got in memory of Bugz (a former member of D-12 that passed away), a Slim Shady tattoo complete with mushrooms on his upper left arm, a Ronnie RIP tattoo that’s right under the Slim Shady one, a Kim Rot In Pieces tattoo on his torso, and a Slit Me tattoo on his right wrist.

    ~The name of EM's tattoo artist is Mr. Cartoon-who is located in California.

    ~ EM and Dido had never met until the "Stan" video and the 1st time the 2 performed the song 2gether was on SNL.

    ~ EM was in a couple of groups before he decided to go solo in 1997. Some of the groups included: Bassment Productions, the New Jacks, and Soul Intent. 1 of these groups would perform wearing ski masks and sweat suits. When they finished their set, they would “unmask? themselves.

    ~EM fell in love with rap when he 1st heard Ice-T’s “Reckless? & started writing rhymes when he was 12 years old.

    ~ EM would spend hours at night studying the dictionary so that he could expand his vocabulary for his raps.

    ~ EM still gets nervous before going on stage.

    ~EM worked for a factory called Gibbs Machinery when he was 16. He had a lot of odd jobs (sweeping floors, taking out the trash) and also worked at Little Ceaser's pizza.

    ~ EM was a short-order cook at a restaurant called Gilbert's Lodge in St. Claire Shores, Michigan. Whenever he had some lyrics he needed to write down, he'd write them on some receipts. He also used to write his lyrics in pencil on the wall above his bed, but his mom got really pissed cuz the paint came off after trying to erase them. When his friends came to eat, he would also rap things off the menu to them.

    ~ EM was really quiet at school and had a hard time making friends, but started becoming more social in the 8th grade. He used to spend his free time watching TV and reading comic books.

    ~ Before EM heard rap, he wanted to be a comic book artist.

    ~ EM’s idea of splurging is spending $500 or $600 at Nike Town. He’s not used to having so much money and doesn’t really know what to do with it.

    ~EM and Kim used to live in all black neighborhoods, so they would usually meet each other half way or at the railroad tracks to avoid harm. EM would usually get beat up on the way there and even got shot at once.

    ~ Dre discovered EM after finding his demo tape on the floor of his studio. Then after EM won 2nd place in the Rap Olympics, he decided to sign him to his label.

    ~ EM has his own record label-Shady Records & has D-12, Obie Trice, & 50 Cent signed to it.

    ~ EM’s favorite collaboration with Dre is “Forgot About Dre,? but both of them say that they haven’t even come close to the best that they can do on a record.

    ~ EM and Dre got the idea for “Guilty Conscience? ‘s second verse from the movie “Animal House.?

    ~ Kim has a twin sister named Dawn.

    ~ EM gave Paul Rosenberg one of the Grammys that he won in 2000.

    ~ Paul "Bunyan" Rosenberg has been EM’s mananger since 1995.

    ~ EM feels that he can’t trust anybody that he meets because the thinks that they are just trying to befriend him because he’s famous. He likes to keep in touch with his circle of friends who know him as Marshall Mathers.

    ~ The background for “Kim? was on a 1983 episode of “Growing Pains.?

    ~ EM considers himself to be a “happy individual? even though a lot of people think he’s pissed off 24/7. He says that writing lyrics is his way of venting.

    ~ The 4 recorded dates for EM getting beat up by D'Angelo Bailey were: October 15, 1981-Marshall got beat up, was bruised, got the wind knocked out of him, had nausea, abnormal sleepiness, and had injuries toward his lips and tongue. November 14, 1981-Marshall suffered another beating during recess, but had sleeplessness, vomiting, nightmares, and antisocial behavior. December 21, 1981-Marshall suffered yet another beating with injuries toward his face, head, back, and legs. January 13, 1982-Marshall was intentionally hit with a snowball containing a heavy object, was mainly wounded severely while lying on the ground and eventually went into a coma and an intermittent loss of vision in his right eye and an intermittent loss of hearing. (This info was based on official legal documents because the Mathers family tried to sue the school board, but lost).

    ~ EM says that D'Angelo was the biggest kid in school and he was the smallest. EM claims he still sees a white dot in his right eye from time to time.
    Originally posted by eminememinemyum
    Omfg eminem I can't believe it he is so fit and I wanna do him but I can't cause if I ever saw him I might just die omgomgomg
    I love eminem more than you cause i'm so groupie and I'd eat his shit.

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    so your a groupie then? only a groupie would know


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        ha ha wat a geek he has taken this from www.stimulate.cjb.net and not even put there site on there


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          1. im a girl
          2. im not a groupie i was just avin a look on a website and i found it and copied and pasted it
          3. no i didnt get it from that site i got it from a diff one

          dumb losers :P think they know everything
          Originally posted by eminememinemyum
          Omfg eminem I can't believe it he is so fit and I wanna do him but I can't cause if I ever saw him I might just die omgomgomg
          I love eminem more than you cause i'm so groupie and I'd eat his shit.


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            Hey Mouse Pad U know what would make your Avatar a Lot Cooler????

            A Whiteboy standing on Planet Earth flipping everybody off but hey nice groupie facts pretty intresting if there the truth,,,,,

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              Originally posted by eminememinemyum
              2. im not a groupie

              Shut up. Don't say you're not a groupie after a thread like this.
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                my topic was 'Some Useless Stupid Facts About Eminem That Only Groupies Would Care About '
                its clearly a poke fun topic you really think id poke fun at myself? whatever im dun arguin
                Originally posted by eminememinemyum
                Omfg eminem I can't believe it he is so fit and I wanna do him but I can't cause if I ever saw him I might just die omgomgomg
                I love eminem more than you cause i'm so groupie and I'd eat his shit.


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                  so u decide to " poke fun " at yourself ?



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                    i read them....i'll admit it

                    The Green Chronic, Demonic, yep yep, don't worry I'm on it.


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                      I read them too and I actually cared, dont pretend y'all didnt!


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                        haha.........i read 'em
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                          your word ---->Some Useless Stupid Facts
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                            i read 'em, pretty interesting stuff i guess, alot better than most of the other shit i read on the internet...


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                              kim has a twin sister named dawn.....id fuck her
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