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  • Full XXL Interview with D12

    sorry if it was already posted

    The phone rings and the voicemail picks up:"Leave your name and
    number at the sound of the beep and we're gonna send you some candy
    and two books for Black History Month. Anybody that wants to write
    poems or send me any speeches, you can reach me at 17305 Rosa Parks

    Welcome to Bizarre's answering machine message. Bizarre is in D12.
    And in that Detroit rap group's crazy, mixed-up world, anything can,
    and usually does, happen. Consider yourselves warned.

    It's gray and raining. It doesn't even feel like Friday as you steer
    a brand-new rental truck down the highway to a nondescript studio in
    a quiet suburb. Fittingly, the radio plays "Stan."

    Local news coverage today focuses heavily on the funeral of two
    young cops killed in the line of duty. The other big story is the
    debut, tonight at the Palace of Auburn Hills, of the newest Detroit
    Piston, Rasheed Wallace.

    Inside the well-secured work space, old-school arcade games are
    lined up against a wall. Across the room, an ill painting of a
    blond blow-up doll stares out with lifeless eyes. There's homemade
    art too, taped up randomly around the place. Crude Xerox pictures,
    office humor; people's heads pasted onto pictures of other people's
    bodies. Most of the heads belong to a very familiar blond-haired

    Three of the Dirty Dozen are already here. Swift, dressed in black
    like a ninja, brings to mind Method Man's memorable description of
    Inspectah Deck: He's "on some now-you-see-him, now-you-don't" shit,
    a quiet, kickbacked dude. Kuniva speaks with a distinguished
    Midwestern drawl, and you can imagine him being one smooth mofo with
    the ladies. Kon Artis is a sharp-witted dude with a knack for
    gadgets. He's usually at the boards, eyeing the security camera
    monitors or busy fidgeting with his two-way.

    Bizarre shows up next. The rotund rapper everybody calls Bizzy is
    unquestionably one of the sickest weirdos ever to put his genius on
    wax (or answering-machine tape). In person, though, he speaks
    quietly. It's a trip how the guy is so normal. Soon after, Slim
    Shady arrives decked out in a red Nike outfit, glasses and a let's-
    take-care-of-business attitude.

    Everyone's here but Proof. It probably shouldn't come as a surprise
    that he's running late. He just got out of jail, having served a
    month for a drunk-and-disorderly charge stemming from an incident
    outside a strip club in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn. (The charges
    were knocked down from the originals of assault and battery on a
    police officer and resisting arrest.) He still owes time on work
    force, AA sessions and probation. Maybe the interview should start
    without him.

    D12's new album, D12 World, is done. But the question remains: Is
    the world ready for D12's world? Despite selling two million copies
    of 2001's Devil's Night, the six MCs insist they still got something
    to prove—namely, that they deserve to be recognized as a legitimate
    crew, as opposed to one star and a well-paid collection of hype men.

    This is a weird time in America. A nation of sports nuts doesn't
    seem to mind looking at close-ups of the 72-year-old Aerosmith
    singer's turkey neck, but everybody chokes on their freedom fries
    when the randy Janet Jackson exposes one of her ta-tas at the climax
    of Super Bowl XXXVIII's halftime extravaganza. With the FCC
    launching a brand-new attack on "indecency" in entertainment, what
    will that mean for a group like D12?

    Hmmm. Let's take a closer look at Janet's planets, shall we?

    XXL: Janet Jackson showed a nipple on the Super Bowl and people were
    outraged. Does the current cultural climate help or hurt D12?

    SWIFT: Janet Jackson's titty does not hurt. [Laughter]

    SLIM: They didn't stay on it long enough.

    BIZARRE: Did you see the close-up? That shit was ashy, too.

    SLIM: I think that shit does hurt. It's gonna fuck with music for a
    minute, as far as music videos and what people can do.

    BIZARRE: But Lil' Kim went to the Grammys with her shit out, a
    little flower on the nipple.

    KUNIVA: I guess you gotta have your nipple covered.

    BIZARRE: I guess Janet Jackson is seen to be much more of a role

    SLIM: No, I think it was because more kids were tuned in to the
    Super Bowl. Which is why they probably got so uptight about it. It
    puts a damper on things for a minute, but we're still gonna be us.
    Luckily, our first single ["My Band"] ain't really got nothing to do
    with that.

    But politics have hit you before. Like when you had to
    change "Purple Pills" to "Purple Hills"—did that bother you?

    SLIM: That bothered the fuck out of us.

    BIZARRE: It bothered me. But then when I heard lil' kids rappin' it,
    I would rather them rap the clean version than the bad.

    So did you fight it until the end?

    BIZARRE: We lost.

    SLIM: I mean, we could stick to our guns and say, "Look, we're
    making it `Purple Pills.'" And then guess what? No radio play, no
    record sales. If you want to eat, this is what you gotta do. You
    change "pills" to "hills." It's the difference between "mills"
    and "bills."

    But controversy in music can hurt or help, right? A lot of times
    it's good for sales.

    KON ARTIS: That shit done turned into a fad. It's gay now. You got a
    lot of people doin' shit just to do it. It's a dude right now who's
    just like dissin' everybody. 50 already went that route with "How To
    Rob." Now it's cool for people to do it, because they feel like
    controversy sells. It's just bullshit now. It's not like it was
    before, when we first came out. The way we rapped, that was the way
    we always rapped. So we didn't look at it like, "Let's come out and
    say fucked-up shit."

    SLIM: When we used to rap in the Hip Hop Shop days... There's a
    difference between being in a spot where there's like 50 people, and
    you want to say to them punch lines that get the "oohs" and "aahs"
    from the crowd, and when you go before millions of people and you're
    saying your shit. Once you get a deal and you get in that spotlight,
    you gotta be a lil' more careful with what you say. So we had to go
    that route. We got thrust into this world of, "Holy shit! We can't
    say lines about other rappers that may be metaphors and we don't
    mean anything by them. This might offend this person and we're gonna
    start beef with this crew." We didn't want to come out and cause
    beef with nobody. There's a difference between controversy and
    fuckin' with people's minds a lil' bit, and startin' beef with
    certain crews for no reason and shit.

    Proof walks into the studio and makes a beeline for some pizza.

    SLIM [to Proof]: How long are you out of jail for this time?

    Proof is too busy chewing to answer.

    SLIM: Long enough to eat this pizza.

    Proof gets into trouble a lot, especially at strip clubs. Do you all
    ever tell him to stay the fuck away from strip clubs?

    KON ARTIS: Yeah, I'll say it, but then I go. Matter of fact, I wanna
    go to Hot Tamales tonight.

    SLIM: We tell Proof to stay out of them fucking scenes, period.
    Every day we wonder if we're gonna get that phone call.

    KUNIVA: Sometimes it's not even the strip clubs. I believe him.
    Sometimes he really just be chillin' and he gets into some shit.

    PROOF: Just yesterday, my landlord got beat up.

    KUNIVA: They blame it on you?

    SLIM: Uh, we're in an interview. [Laughter]

    PROOF: Yeah, well, I got to move in 30 days.

    Speaking of trouble, have you ever said anything in your lyrics that years later you regretted saying?
    SLIM: Aw, man! Damn!

    REST OF D12: ( Laughter )

    KON ARTIS: What a question.

    SWIFT: I know we had to tone it down. We’ve said some hard shit.

    KUNIVA: When you’re young, you wild, you say a lot of stupid shit. The older you get, you look back and go, “ Man, that was fucked up. I gotta watch what I say.” It’s just part of growing up.

    So to clear up the controversy, who is the best rapper out of D12?
    ( Silence)

    BIZZARE: Bugz ( Original D12 member Bugz was murdered May 21, 1999 )

    SWFT: All of us are the best.

    SLIM: He is tryin’ to start beef amongst the crew.

    KUNIVA: He tryin’ to start a mutiny over here man.

    BIZARRE: Honestly what did you think we were going to say?
    Just fucking with you. I didn’t think any of you would answer.

    SWIFT: I am the best.

    KON ARTIS: Swift is.

    SLIM: Ok, I am.

    PROOF: Em, the Tiger Woods of rappin’.

    SLIM: First of all I am the group.

    KUNIVA: He is the lead singer of the band.

    SLIM: I’m the lead singer of this whole band. Why don’t you ask who gets the most chicks?

    Bless it
    Respect isnt something that is given, you have to earn it.

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    cool, I'll buy the issue anyway.
    B-Triangle>>>Dirty Room Ent.<<<B-Triangle
    Bugz-Rogier-Cherelee-J Dilla-Deshaun-James Brown-Hariri-Theo-Juliana-Andre H6:
    Rest in Peace


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      That was going to be the last question.

      SLIM: That would be me.

      SWIFT: No you don’t.

      Looking back at the first album, how do you feel about it now?

      SLIM: The first D12 album – yeah, it moved units, but also at the same time we felt like it got slept on, on a street level. We sat there listenin’ to it when we started to record the new album. And it was like, “ How the fuck are we gonna top this album?” When the first album came out, it seemed like everybody had, like, such high expectations that, like, no matter how good it was, it would never live up to the hype. Nobody gave it a chance. But if you go back and listen to that album, there’s songs on there that’s crazy, man.
      And I’ll tell you, one of the things that really kinda fucked up the momentum of the first D12 album is that after we put out “Purple Pills,” 9/11 happened. We had just shot the video for “Fight Music,” and wasn’t nobody tryin’ to hear “Fight Music” after 9/11 happened. MTV was like “ No, we ain’t playin’ this video. We can’t.” The whole world was in mourning, so “Fight Music” fell flat on its face, pretty much. If “fight Music” would have took off, I think it would have brought more people to the album and made them listen and realize the caliber of the songs that’s on there.

      So how do you guys feel about the new album?

      BIZZARE: This album is not really a formula like it was the last album. The last album, Em basically rapped first and I rapped last. So this time, its all mixed up and there is no set pattern. Anybody could be doin’ the hook, anybody could be makin’ the beat.

      SLIM: With this album, we wanted to mix it up and just get heat from everywhere. Bizzare, Proof, everybody just started getting beat CDs from anybody. Like, Bizzare stays in Atlanta now, so he gets beat CDs from talent there and brings it back to us. Every record sounds different on this album. That, to me, is gonna show the growth of D12. Plus, when we do D12 albums, man, we just feel like it’s a friendly competition thing to see who gets on the track and just rips.

      What’s the story with “My Band”?

      SLIM: When we started makin’ the song it was like, “ Yo, let’s play off the fact that people do say that D12 rides my coattails. So we was like, Fuck it. You know what? If that’s the fuckin’ joke…The same thing when people called me Elvis. Fuck it, I’m Elvis. Throw it back in their faces. So it’s the same thing we did with the song. We just had fun with it.

      What are your thoughts about the state of the rap game right now?

      KON ARTS: It’s fucked up. It sucks. It’s boring as hell. Everybody bitin’ off of 50 right now. I swear to God, I seen this article and they said that this rapper was the next 50 Cent. I was like, 50 ain’t even dead.

      SLIM: Some labels right now are lookin’ for somebody who got shot or stabbed. “ Can you rap?” “No.” “Did you get shot?” “Yeah.” “ You’re signed. You got a deal. We’ll teach you to rap later.”

      KUNIVA: “Get you a ghostwriter.”

      BIZZARE: I guarantee you before the summer there’ll be like five Beyonces out there.

      SWIFT: I can honestly say we don’t sound like noboady and nobody sounds like us.

      BIZZARE: I guarantee in six months it’s gonna be…

      SLIM: A D12.

      BIZZARE: It’ll be a fat guy with a belly, a bald-headed guy going to jail…

      All right. Any final thoughts?

      SWIFT: The album is ridiculous.

      BIZZARE: The Detroit Pistons are gonna win the championship this year. They just got Rasheed Wallace.

      PROOF: Rasheed Wallace, what’s up with my twin brother?

      KON ARTIS: Jill Scott is on our album too.

      KUNIVA: No she’s not.

      KON ARTIS: Jill Scott, Usher and Mary J Blige.

      KUNIVA: We startin’ our own rumours and shit.

      KON ARTIS: ( to Bizzare ) Hey, man, I called you today. What the fuck is up with your voicemail?!

      THE END!!
      Bless it
      Respect isnt something that is given, you have to earn it.


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        thanks :D
        (¯`·._.·[ Claire ]·._.·´¯)


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          LMFAO .. damn that shit is mad funny ..... thnx homie ...
          And the world doesn't believe that you fightin' for freedom,
          Cause you fucked the Middle East, and gave birth to a demon,

          My Music


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            haha, and i just posted in another thread i'm going to try so scan it.... :D
            !!Una Cerveza, Por Favor!!


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              thank you soo much for postin the rest of the interview----last time i read it it ended on the "we're in an interview"

              lov 2 ya lost angel.


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                Much appreciated!!!
                IM SOOOOOOOOOOOO BORED!!!!!!!!

                SAVE THE SEALS!!!


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                  Wow! Thanks for posting... I guess I'll have to wait for a whole month 'til the mag drops here...

                  Damn! I love Swift! hehehe...
                  It's for MIGH not for Might ... no spelling mistakes (I'm a girl, btw...)


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                    Wicked interview.

                    Thanks alot!
                    "Say what you will about the sweet miracle of unquestioning faith, I consider a capacity for it terrifying and absolutely vile."
                    - Kurt Vonnegut


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                      great article
                      R.I.P. PROOF
                      I Don't know what to think anymore.
                      You were the most influential, inspiring person in my life, you wEre my idol hommie....


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                        thanks for postin
                        *** J B K o n l i n e D O T com ***


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                          thanks, cool interview!


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