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    At first we thought Esham (look up the definition of sham) was just saying everybody bit his style to gain recognition. But after thoroughly combing the net (reading some of his interviews and bio), we've realized that he actually believes what he's saying. It's actually mind boggling to know that after ten years he's still a leech bent on trying to gain credit by discrediting others through claiming that they stole their style from him instead of making competent music to get him the recognition he's obviously desperate for. We just found out he was attacking us all of these years just last year. In his bio at Eshamtheboogieman.com, Rza (a Gravediggaz and Wu-tang clan member) is mentioned as one of the people who adopted (stole) his style. I'm sure Rza, the Gravediggaz, or most of the other people that Esham has slandered over the years never cared to respond to him because they know he's just trying to gain some attention. He's only relevant to white folks who don't know any better and he knows it. That's why he boasted that he created "white boy rap" in the latest Mass Appeal magazine interview which came out this summer (2004). The truth of the matter is that the Gravediggaz didn't spawn from Esham. They were a group directed by Prince Paul to deliberately sabotage and profit off of the Flatlinerz by using their style and image. Prince Paul had a financial beef going on with Russell Simon's (a beef related to his "Doo Doo Man" album released by Def Jam) prior to the time the Flatlinerz were recording their album (U.S.A). He felt that Russell Simmons had owed him money, so he decided to spite Russell Simon's by copying the Flatlinerz when he caught wind of them through the Gravediggaz to get revenge. It was a personal vendetta. Especially since one of the Flatlinerz (Redrum) was Russell Simon's nephew. That's why the Gravediggaz came out at the same time as the Flatlinerz in the summer of 94. It was a plan, not a coincidence. So you see the Gravediggaz are actually a spin off of the Flatlinerz. The reason why the Gravediggaz gained more ground than the Flatlinerz was because they were apart of the Wu-tang Clan which was one of the hottest groups out at the time. And since they were notably more successful than the Flatlinerz, Esham choose them to target to gain fame off of. Now as far as the Flatlinerz, they didn't bite off of Esham either. They were heavily influenced by Redman and Onyx the same way Onyx and Redman were influenced by them in some ways. The Flatlinerz were basically a combination of Redman and Onyx and had never heard of Esham until their album was one song from completion (at Dr Period's studio in the summer of 94). Esham was unheard of in New York at the time the Flatlinerz and the Gravediggaz formed in the early nineties and anyone from New York can vouch that. The first time they (and I) had heard of Esham was when Tempest the undertaker (a member of the Flatlinerz) brought an advanced copy of the fear soundtrack to the studio which they had featured on along with Esham and others. This was when the Flatlinerz were recording satanic verses (the last Flatlinerz song recorded for the album). We were actually surprised to see that there were a whole slew of groups existing that were doing similar music as ours. So the horror influence didn't come from Esham, It came from Redman. Redman was the one that introduced Horrorcore commercially on a less gimmicky level. If you seen one of his old trailers that was never released, you would understand that he was doing that style before the Flatlinerz or Gravediggaz. On top of that, I have that trailer, and other material that proves that Horrorcore was happening before the Gravediggaz, the Flatlinerz, Redman, and Esham. On some of the songs that I have, a rapper Tim X, (a guy that's like my older brother who suggested that I should use the name Omen and who inspired me to rhyme) isn't merely skimming the surface of Horrorcore with one or two lines, he's horror/psycho rapping throughout the entire songs. Record labels wouldn't sign him because he was too graphic and he refused to water down, therefore he never came out. Years later when I let him hear a song off of the Flatlinerz album "Good Day to Die" (which I featured on), he kind of dissed it by saying "Ya'll doing that shit?". "We used to rap like that years ago in high school." Years ago (meaning 1986 and up). So, for all of you who are aiding Esham in lying to the entire world please continue too, you're only helping to make him look more like the petty liar/self centered/envious fool that he really is. We will soon release one of our new albums, the material I spoke of, and possibly a DVD with some of the Flatlinerz, and the Gravediggaz on it all taking polygraph tests together just for fun to prove that Esham really lived up to the last four letters of his name (sham) which is defined as; a counterfeit purporting to be genuine, a hoax, or a deceptive scheme or trick. The end is coming.

    Sincerely from Omen the Flatliner/Gravedigga and leader of the H.B.C and the Anarchist).

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    You posted this already....


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      he posted it in pretty much every section


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        y does it look alot bigger here than in the otha post i read it in....?

        YOU MAD?!

        Acid Rap Nation

        R.I.P. Big Proof


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          He has posted that alot hasn't he?


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            i didnt even read it all im sick of all the esham bullshit


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