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Eminem Canopy & I Like Girls Freestyle lyrics

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  • Eminem Canopy & I Like Girls Freestyle lyrics

    half of i like girls they were to drunk for me to understand.

    Shady family
    We hold it down like a mothafuckin canopy
    And I don't even know
    What a canopy is
    What yo I gots to flow
    This is my mo or my dimo
    When I throw your mothafuckin demo
    Out the limo window of it
    And I don't care what the fuck the public
    Really thinks of it they can shove it
    Up their mothafuckin assholes or their whole ass
    They don't know the ass I hold in the ground so fast
    I can come with this delivery ya'll can't get wit me
    Shiver me timbers here we go ya'll wimpers
    And whinin and we be designin the rhymes
    Off our mind and the top of our domes
    While you're on your cellular phones
    Tellin your man yo Eminem Proof is on the microphone
    Yo hurry up and go dial and keep it locked in
    Cause we be shockin

    Yo here he is a lot of people out there is curious
    They say my freestyles is furious as Shade 45 yes yes ya'll
    In the place to be I wreck your body like cholesterol
    The best of all I test the balls any man that wanna
    Come and ???? I'm in the game for a minute now
    Yo the Green Lantern bout to spin it now
    Ayo yo when in doubt hit the man off right now
    Ya'll come on come on

    Let's see if I can go off the top of the head
    With the same flow that I kept on this record already been said
    Yo here I go again, once one more time
    When I be kickin this fuckin flawless rhyme
    And ya'll don't understand cuz ya'll can't ever beef wit me
    Battle me whatever scadattles you cuz you go to Seattle
    And you can see from here to Satelite radio
    Its Slim Shady on Shady forty five radio
    And I can say it slow or I can say it fast
    It don't matter cuz really on the mic I whoop your ass
    I whoop your mothafuckin ass from here to thurr
    And I can't even see you but I don't even curr
    Cuz I'm sure that if you try to fuck wit me but luckily
    People steppin up to me really don't wanna fuck wit me
    Cause if they try to do they gon' get fuckin fucked up gee
    Cause listen to the rhyme and you be tryin walk up to me
    And step to me with that mental telepathy when ya life is in jeapordy
    And mothafuckas know they can't step to me
    Pull out the fuckin weaponry the pepper spray
    Here we go so step away from the fuckin microphone
    This is ??? Yo yesterday I seen this girl from around the way
    And she had nice titties and ass and I said damn I can't let you pass
    So I walked up to her and said miss can I give your asshole a kiss
    She said yes, she said no then she said yes but spank me slow
    So I did then next thing you know she said
    Here's my number holla at the kid I said holla at the kid
    I don't understand holy shit the damn chick was a man
    Oh god oh lord no lord please don't applaud cuz I'm really not sure
    If that was the right thing to do

    Yo here we go me and my man Proof again
    They want the drunk freestyle so we gon' slurr
    We gon' slurr and all type of shit can ocurr
    I got my pen back yo thank you very much
    Yo yo you need a ladies touch
    Then you better go ask your man R--
    Whoops oh whoop hey hey ho only playin
    This is ??? and I am and listen now
    Lay down sit back what I'm sayin
    Its real and I feel shit is always mad real and the feel
    You get killed fuck around and lay down
    On the muddy playground which is bloody now
    You're suddenly gay now and didn't even mean it
    But yo all of a sudden you and ya home boy just stuck his penis
    Right up your bung hole and here we go we're bout to let one go
    Proof get on the mic and tell these ladies what you do and dont like

    I like a girl cuz I'm a lebria, I like a girl to smoke cheeba
    I like a girl thats fat and old like a reaper
    I like a girl when I see that she comes through my speaker
    I like a girl that got stretch marks I like a girl that loves to fart
    I like a girl that takes my heart and that takes me home at night
    Yo when its dark I like a girl

    You like a girl? Yo I like a girl too, a girl thats my world
    A girl that kinda reminds me of a squirrel
    Cause she always got my nuts in my mouth
    I mean her mouth its what I meant to say
    I don't put my own nuts in my mouth cuz they wouldnt fit
    Hey okay so listen to what I'm tryna say
    Now let me rewind and gain composure
    Now here we go its the explosion of the edosure
    Edosior the indonesia that I be smokin havin a seizure
    When I'm attackin this mic and I fuckin freeze ya
    At my leizure, I had my own leizure
    Cause I ceased the mic so here we go lyrical miracle
    Spiritual spirical sperial on the stereo its the imperial
    And I eat them C's like cereal captain crunch
    You get slapped in lunch for actin tough
    Like back in the day we smackin the gays
    I said we smackin the strays on top of that we clappin wit gays
    Gay meanin happy, nappy, scrappy yo come slap me
    Pretty girls cuz I like the girls I like the girls
    With the pretty little curls

  • #2
    NO! Proof likes girls cuz he's a LIBRA
    not Lebria!!!

    lol j/p but that's right what i said
    ... it's no surprise, that I got lost in your brown eyes ...


    • #3
      proof likes a girl fat and old like aretha (franklin)
      I tend to think of myself as a 1 man wolfpac.


      • #4
        lol there freestyles why bother typin out lyrics
        -GiNa :]


        • #5
          cause i was bored. its better than what some people do. sit at their computers for hours and hours hoping and praying encore will leak


          • #6
            lol... true
            -GiNa :]


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              Originally posted by DJ J Knight
              Come and ???? I'm in the game for a minute now
              Yo the Green Lantern bout to spin it now
              Ayo yo when in doubt hit the man off right now
              Ya'll come on come on

              This is ??? Yo yesterday I seen this girl from around the way
              im tryin to figure out the ??? the first one sounds like "test me like testaverde"?? maybe.... and the 2nd one sounds like jepoardy
              GO CUBS

              I make rappers cry, onions
              You can't walk in my shoes, bunions


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