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words hurt. Praying for Marsh...

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  • words hurt. Praying for Marsh...

    I didn't read all this yet, but what I read makes me sick. You really ask if Em is sucidal?!
    And you answer "no, he is the man"?

    I feel that time is runnig out, I can't believe it all. It's just too big for me. Proof was the man. We all hold responsibilty, for what we write and do. I can, and want to take mine.
    I can't just say RIP. It's fucking more!
    there is a lump in my througt right now - it wants to get out.
    I'm very pleased that Proof gets so much respect. Rest in peace. Homie I can't say, I didn't know him much.
    It feels it was too early for these words because I want to do justice to all what happend and to his closed friends.

    If someone reads this who is closer to Marshall than I can phisically right now,
    to Kim
    to Debbie
    all your friends

    please try to hold him.

    Believe me, I can't grasp it. I shook so much this afternoon, when I got to know it. I read on it before and couldn't reach it.

    to Marsh:

    if all is dark around you
    believe me you get up
    I couldn't sleep last nights
    being pregnant like your wife

    she loves you man
    I'm also 21
    she loves you
    from the beginnig
    and beyond

    she knows you need
    her know

    I want to give you
    all I can
    I love you
    in some way

    Proof called me
    but back then
    you were

    the music speaks
    your heart and soul
    you know she can help
    you out

    but silece is all arround
    like morning
    won't beginn

    but he is right
    in front of you
    the sun will rise

    she will be warm
    to you
    like mothers eath

    had no time for
    me - but he had
    his plan

    he reached out
    and he holds
    it now
    it is all coming

    Stay strong
    my friend
    I fear for you
    the pain should
    be shared -

    I'm not sure
    if I can hold
    the pain
    would be too

    if you would
    I don't know
    if I would

    My baby
    wants to be cared
    I couldn't stand
    a los.

    But tell me
    if you cry for
    you were
    my biggest dream

    the work with you
    was what I want
    my name
    would be

    "And when I'm gone, just carry on, don't mourn,
    Rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice,
    Just know that I'm looking down on you smiling,
    And I didn't feel a thing, So baby don't feel no pain,
    Just smile back." - he is singing it for Hailie

    This is too hard too fear - I have no words...
    If you read this, please pray for the losts and lifes.

    Don't do youself harm.

    Big Proof - in memoary.
    "Wasted from a sleepless night
    I reach to touch your hair,
    Withdraw an empty hand
    For you're no longer there.
    In between the silence,
    living is an empty space." - Eminem

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    that was nice...

    heres a lil sumthin i made for Proof

    from tha begging 2 proofs end
    he was more then just a rap man
    he was eminems loyal and very best friend
    and now they have been pulled apart
    and wont meet each other untill god calls Em home
    and wont b able 2 speak with Proof without being front 2 front
    and thats just sumthin that no one should do at all.

    Proof had many things 2 do
    Proof had many things 2 say
    Proof was a man of his word
    nothin could change his way
    Proof was an idol, he was a friend of many man
    all i can really say is that he was a kind gentleman
    hes gone and not here but i bet hes looking over us right now
    Proof will never forget tha places he went and gone
    and i dont think we will forget him not after all that we have heard and seen and what all went down
    a legacy lives on and a career was put to rest
    not only was Proof a rapper
    he was a dad with many kids
    a wife with children & now they have no dad 2 call there dad
    its just so hard to say that Proof is dead!

    I and you, plus many people miss Proof and thats a fact
    hes home now and people just have 2 face tha facts
    i understand your pain and tha way you feel
    its like your shocked 4 life and stuck tryin 2 believe sumthin real
    Proof was a person a man who cracked jokes
    he is and always will b a 1 in a million and thats tha truth i spoke
    as crazy as it sounds and as crazy as it will b
    Proof aint gonna come back and that just sucks 2 have 2 believe
    we miss you Proof and we do want you bak
    but wishin that aint gonna come true bcus your an angel flyin over our heads
    1 luv 1 soul and 1 heart you had....and now your in tha only place 2 have peace and thats up there in heavon

    Life is short
    so I live it how I want & tell you
    sh!t you dont understand




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      Both really nice,

      R.I.P Proof, always missed, never forgotten


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        both nicely written.

        yeah i'm worried about him too. I really hope he can find it in him to pull himself outta this pain I know he must be going through. He needs to, Proof would want him to.
        "You wanna be the one in control
        You wanna be the one who's alive
        You wanna be the one who gets old
        It's not a matter of luck - it's just a matter of time


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          Yeah.... i dont really care what eminem does. Whatever, he does it is respected though. I would rather mourn for Proof than talk about Ems career
          I`m stompin, I`m kickin, I`m choking, I`m stampin em, clompin em, stickin, and pokin and clampin em.


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            fools don't even act like you care about proofs death, and how you're so deeply touched by this. you didn't even think about proof untill you knew he got killed. your all just dickriders jumping on the bandwagon, writing R.I.P. everywhere. btw the first guy, that was terrible. second guy, your lyrics are worst, you know why? cuz i bet you read over it and actually thought that was good, so you posted it.


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              ^ shutup faggot

              People didnt get all hyped about proof when he was alive because, we take him for granted, dont realise what we have got until its gone...
              PROOF - Because of proof they put the G in the alphabet.
              Originally posted by Chino XL
              no need for viagra, your album leaves me bored stiff


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                Originally posted by markfj
                ^ shutup faggot

                People didnt get all hyped about proof when he was alive because, we take him for granted, dont realise what we have got until its gone...

                "shutup faggot", yet you point out the same thing I did. People didn't care about proof till he died, and now people are like diehard fans. Downloading his music, just so they feel like they're loyal fans. Carving R.I.P. Big proof into their arms with a blade, and talkin about how they can't stop shaking. it's funny.


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                  ^u know people who have been on this board for a while which is the majority of this board have been die hard fans of D12 for a long time. They just didnt start liking D12 yesterday and just by expressing thereselves in a poem or something about how they feel about losing someone who they looked up to b/c of his doesny mean there disrespectful.
                  rb forever


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                    @Mathers and FANOFD12 those were very nice. Yeah like D124ever said
                    people on this board did not just become fans of D12 overnight. So nobody
                    has the right to knock anybody's way of dealing with Proof's passing. We
                    all have our own way of coping.


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                      getoffme... please die bitch
                      Maybe I'm ugly inside, but smiling to make it
                      I love you dawg, and that's how ever you take it

                      I die for Em and save Haley, brave maybe
                      But just let them tears remove my grave Shady


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                        ^ ^ ^

                        Never said anything about d12. I said that because of proofs death, people are speaking about him as if he's been their favorite out of d12 the whole time, even though in reality, they've been stroking it to pictures of eminem. Writing R.I.P. proof absolutley everywhere, is it necessary? no. if you truly cared about proof and his passing, you wouldn't need to add R.I.P. or something along those lines in your sig and then talk about, man eminem is gonna come spit "fire" now because of proof. man R.I.P. proof, you made eminem come back so we the people can have more music to listen to. I will call you the king of detroit, even though i hardly listen to your music, why? because everyone else is doing it. and thats whassup. <<<thats what everyone looks like right now. oh n to ekimike86, your from the netherlands....nuff said.


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                          ^oh yes b/c u know everything about each poster on this board and who there favorite was.

                          I'll be honest I like Kon Artist the best and Em but I like them best as whole and doesnt mean I didnt apperciate Proof b/c I did.

                          Plus look around there are a lot of people who dont even like Em. Yet they still post here b/c of the others including Proof.

                          So stfu. This is a site concerning D12 abd their fans so when a member is lost of course people are gonna mourn and show tribute.

                          Now go play in traffic.

                          And go look at the old threads of the Proof section- hell check out the Pic thread of him...

                          People apperciated before his death. Now they are honoring him as it should be.
                          Last edited by D124ever; 04-16-2006, 03:41 PM.
                          rb forever


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                            I don't need to know shit about every poster on this forum to know that the majority of fans choose eminem over proof. You're also very wrong, theres few on here that don't like eminem. First off, your talking about the forum as a whole, i'm not in the proof section telling people that they're fake, i'm in the eminem section calling you idiots because you think about what you get from his death, n you write R.I.P. the good die young in your sig. So STFU. this is a section concerning eminem, and when a member is lost, he should be mourned by those who actually considered him a role model or favorite rapper, not some gay eminem fans jumping on the bandwagon, because everyone else is doing it. See i'm not in the proof section talking shit to people. im in the eminem, because you're all fakes, i bet your sitting there crossing your fingers eminem makes a new song for proof soon, and you think it has to be good, cuz it's a serious event. that's all you guys care about, what em is gonna do next.


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                              Originally posted by markfj
                              ^ shutup faggot

                              People didnt get all hyped about proof when he was alive because, we take him for granted, dont realise what we have got until its gone...
                              word. that guy is a faggot. rip proof


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