Is there a list of every single Eminem song out there? Basically i only want to check out the tracks that haven't been on his albums. I got all of his albums so i don't need those tracks, but simply the diss tracks and all that.

Just now i was listening to We as Americans, i fucking love that track.Yeah it's a bonus track but the decision to NOT put it on the Encore cd, was a bad fucking decision, Encore was full of bulllshit songs, they should scrapped one and put We as Americans on there, shiiiiiiiit! I remember when i had just bought Encore...that i had to insert the bonus disc, only for that one goddamn song, bullshit, ah well.

Happens with other artists as well....Cypress Hill's ' Ready to die' awesome song, but was a bonus song on the ' What's your number' single x1000!!!