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  • Jay-Z Appreciation thread

    Without a question the greatest mainstream rapper of all time the man is a legend. Post in here your fave verses or any memories of the mans career. Please no Em dickriders in here.
    Originally posted by meanj
    I just wanna say that my favorate rappers are 2pac,Dre,Eminem,50 Cent And D12.
    Originally posted by Swizz2007
    2-Meo's racist.

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    Jay-Z is Decent... his lyrics are above average, but he's hardly anything special. However, I find myself listening to Jay-Z more often than not -- basically becase he makes good music.

    Honourable Mentions: Reasonable Doubt, Roc La Familia (The Dynasty), Blueprint
    His shitty albums are: Hard Knock Life (even though it was easy to listen to, the lyircs were HORRIBLE.), Blueprint 2 (Just an annoying CD all together).

    His other albums were decent, I guess.

    I think my favorite lyrics from Jay-Z were 'Streets is Talkin', not just because of lyrical matter, but flow aswell.

    [Verse 1]
    [Jay-Z; Streets is Talking]
    If I shoot you, I'm brainless
    Different toilet, same shit, and I'm sick of explainin this
    I'm waitin on arraignment, my ***** is the plantiff
    Yeah, I know what you thinkin - fucked up ain't it?
    I shoulda known better, and I planned to
    but dog they be takin me out of my zone like a ***** with a handle
    I sat back and watched it, put the gats back in the closet
    I tried to tie my hands like an Iraqi hostage
    Let *****z take shots at me, no response
    I just - flip and, pop my collar like the Fonz
    You give a ***** a foot he'll take you one step beyond
    He'll try to play you twice, the third time is the charm
    You wanna conversate with the writer of the Qu'ran
    or Old Testament, don't test him then
    I know what y'all thinkin dick, pause
    Your future's my past, I've been here before
    I know when you're schemin, I feel when you plottin
    I got, mental vision, intuition
    I know where you goin I read your mind's navigational system
    Everybody whisperin - pst pst pst ss perspirin
    change must come from within


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      I been listening to the In My Lifetime remix for the past hour his shit really makes you think.
      Originally posted by meanj
      I just wanna say that my favorate rappers are 2pac,Dre,Eminem,50 Cent And D12.
      Originally posted by Swizz2007
      2-Meo's racist.


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        Jay-z is great, Nas is better but Reasonable Doubt is an undebated classic, Blueprint, Black Album, and the Dynasty: Roc La Familia were great.
        Not his best verse but good
        Squeeze First Last Verse
        See when I'm low in digits, I push blow in a blizzard
        I'm a player for real, I post and pivot
        Coke distribute, be where the ghostes visit
        Where the demons live, shit my scene is vivid
        Squeamish kids, y'all get the fuck outta this verse
        It's about to get so obscene in a minute
        I seen and live it, I did some things I admit it
        Wasn't proud of it, but I was a child fuck it
        Kept a pow tucked in a brown belt
        Couldn't sit down, big gun kept stickin my pelvis
        Shit it was either that or be livin wit Elvis
        *****s is jealous, hell is hot, you heard X
        Wanted to tell God that I don't deserve this
        Was afraid that he'd tell me I deserve less
        My life was nervous, you haven't heard stress
        Til you heard the cries of my mama, me givin her drama
        Told her I aint promised tomorrow, gotta live for the day
        And before she could say Jay...
        I was out the door, pouch full of raw, a outlaw mentality
        Men gotta do men things for men salary
        Bad Boy, not Puff or Mike Lowery, damn B.I.G. woulda been proud of me
        Ahh shit man...
        Young Hova ya heard?
        Who could fuck wit him?


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          i don't like Jay-Z that much, he has a few pretty good albums but overall he bores me...

          still Jay-Z > Eminem, which is really sad


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            i like Jay-Z...but like someone else said hes nothing special...i really like his lyrics...i just dont feel his flow too much...the only Hova albums i still bump are Reasonable Doubt and Roc La Familia


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              "Life ills/ poison my body, and used to say fuck mic skills/ I never prayed to God I prayed to Gotti"- D'evils

              "You can't just pick up and leave and leave me sick like that/ You don't throw away what we had just like that/ I was just fuckin' them girls I was gon get right back/ They say you can't turn a bad girl good, but once a good girls gone bad, she's gone forever/ and more forever/ shit I gotta live with the fact I did you wrong forever" - Song Cry <--- shit has always hit me man
              Snoop Dogg "Nuthin but a G thang"- "You never know she could be earnin' her man, and learnin' her man/ and at the same time burning her man/ now you know i aint' with that shit Lieutenant/ ain't no pussy good enough to get burnt while I'm up in it"

              Common "sum shit I wrote": "My style is steep, I rip rhymes on the incline/ splat guts, bust fat nuts, and lay up like a crypt line."

              Eminem- "just to get to see an MC who breathes so freely/
              Ease over these beats and be so breezy/ Jesus how can shit be so easy?/ How can one Chandra be so Levy?"

              Originally posted by yummyangel
              topdogg--dude youre hott
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                Jay-z Sucks his only good song was Renegades only cuz of eminem


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                  Originally posted by Rip The Jacker
                  Jay-z Sucks his only good song was Renegades only cuz of eminem
                  pure ignorance


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                    Originally posted by skillz-p
                    pure ignorance
                    Pure Opinion.

                    'the fuck's it to you?
                    change must come from within


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                      jay-z is my fav. rapper
                      i have all of his albums
                      i really didn't like vol. 1 or vol. 2
                      but other than those 2 albums i like the other albums
                      but my favs r the blueprint 1 & 2, vol. 3 (1st jay-z album i got), the black album...
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                        def one of the greatest mainstream rappers of all time
                        Jay-z >eminem

                        Turn my music high, high, high, high-er
                        {*You don't know.. what you're doing, doing, doing, doing..*}
                        Sure I do..

                        I'm from the streets where the
                        hood could swallow a man, bullets'll follow a man
                        There's so much coke that you could run the slalom
                        And cops comb the shit top to bottom
                        They say that we are prone to violence, but it's home sweet home
                        Where personalities crash and chrome meets chrome
                        The coke prices up and down like it's Wall Street homes
                        But this is worse than the Dow Jones your brains are now blown
                        all over that brown Brougham, one slip you are now gone
                        Welcome to hell where you are welcome to sell
                        But when them shells come you better return 'em
                        All scars we earn 'em, all cars we learn 'em like the back of our hand
                        We watch for cops hoppin out the back of van
                        Wear a G on my chest, I don't need Dapper Dan
                        This ain't a sewn outfit homes, homes is about it
                        Was clappin them flamers before I became famous
                        For playin me y'all shall forever remain nameless
                        I am Hov'

                        Sure I do, I tell you the difference between me and them
                        They tryin to get they ones, I'm tryin to get them M's
                        One million, two million, three million, four
                        In just five years, forty million more
                        You are now lookin at the forty million boy
                        I'm rapin Def Jam 'til I'm the hundred million man
                        R., O., C.

                        {*You don't know.. what you're doing, doing, doing, doing..*}
                        That's where you're wrong

                        I came into this motherfucker a hundred grand strong
                        Nine to be exact, from grindin G-packs
                        Put this shit in motion ain't no rewindin me back
                        Could make 40 off a brick but one rhyme could beat that
                        And if somebody woulda told 'em that Hov' would sell clothin
                        Heh, not in this lifetime, wasn't in my right mind
                        That's another difference that's between me and them
                        Heh, I'm smarten up, open the market up
                        One million, two million, three million, four
                        In eighteen months, eighty million more
                        Now add that number up with the one I said before
                        You are now lookin at one smart black boy
                        Momma ain't raised no fool
                        Put me anywhere on God's green earth, I'll triple my worth
                        Motherfucker - I, will, not, lose

                        {*You don't know.. what you're doing, doing, doing, doing..*}
                        Put somethin on it

                        I sell ice in the winter, I sell fire in hell
                        I am a hustler baby, I'll sell water to a well
                        I was born to get cake, move on and switch states
                        Cop the Coupe with the roof gone and switch plates
                        Was born to dictate, never follow orders
                        Dickface, get your shit straight, fucka this is Big Jay
                        I.. hahahaha..

                        {*You don't know.. what you're doing, doing, doing, doing..*}
                        .. will, not, lose, ever.. FUCKA!

                        u dont know is one of jiggas most underrated songs


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                          yo psy, thats one of my fav songs...

                          not just from jayz, but one of my favs...

                          i never really understood how good he was until he "retired"...

                          i mean, i listened to his songs, but now i LISTEN to his songs...

                          def. one of the best rappers ever...

                          too many verses to jot down, but go and listen to 99 problems...
                          My other aliases:
                          On The Shelf


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                            Dynasty, LS of Sean Carter vol1, and Black Album in my personal opinion were the best, as well as his first album, don't remember the name of it though
                            Everybody was born to hustle
                            It's a very thin line between a boss and a muscle
                            - Xzibit


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                              Lyrically Jay-z is sooo fuckin overrated.

                              Everything else though he is no doubt one of the best in the mainstream(or was)

                              Flow, voice,Wordplay so fuckin ill

                              "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today"

                              You couldn't make headlines with raised eyebrows


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