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NEW Jo Joe Pellegrino Interview (Speaks On Game, Recording With Meth, New Label)

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  • NEW Jo Joe Pellegrino Interview (Speaks On Game, Recording With Meth, New Label)

    We haven't heard from you in awhile, what have you been up to?

    Living my life, making my music, observing how this game works, and plotting my next approach.

    Is it hard to get a buzz back after taking time off?

    I thank God because for me it seems the love was always there as long as the good music was there. These dudes know I do this with or without a record contract and a lot of these hip hop people in the game do as well so we all have that mutual respect for each other. The network is always there faithfully, I have no doubts

    What happened with Violator and that whole situation?

    There is no bad blood between me and Baby Chris. That's my boy and I thank him regardless for giving me the original opportunity to let the masses hear me whether it was him and E. Nicks linking me to Clue or giving me the slots on the V2. I just didn't feel like, when Loud folded, I would get the proper attention I needed at the time and I felt I deserved. So when they ignored the fact I wanted to be released, I had spit that verse on the "hitman for hire" joint, and nobody was disrespected on that record but i exposed the facts and the people just assumed there was beef, but that's my man.

    Do you have any regrets to business decisions you made back in the day?

    No need to live with regret is something my mother and father instilled in me way before the reasonable doubt dropped. So, no! everything happens for a reason whether it seems good or bad at the time.

    What's your relationship like with the Wu?

    The RZA and Meth are fam to me. I have the ultimate respect for them and the whole squad. as a fan first and foremost, as a fellow artist, and as a friend to all of them individually. I am surrounded by people that they grew with to this day but businees-wise I always felt that i should be my own entity, just like they got their own. But cats like Meth, Rza, Inspectah deck, Raekwon, Ghostface and U-God have extended their hand to me. They are on the north shore and so have i been throughout my whole life so it only made more sense to me to lock the south shore down, and rep that cause thats where i'm from anyways and it's ALL mine as the north shore is all theirs.

    You had a dope song with Method Man, how is it working with him? What's he like in the studio?

    Let's put it this way...we started rolling up L's the second I got to his house, where we wrote the rhymes, kept burning in the whip all the way to Jay-Z's bassline studio, where we had hennessey waiting for us. Meth guzzled away at that big bottle of hennessey like it was a gatorade! We got so fucked up, we smoke and drank all fucking nite until Meth was throwing up and breaking glass cups! We had a great time. We chilled, Jay and Busta came through at the end of the nite and me and Meth were happy with what we layed down. Don't get it twisted, we were piss drunk but we still put in work that nite.

    What was it like working with Kurupt on the Violator 2.0 comp?

    Kurupt to me is one of the illest MC's and when he told me he respected the way I spit we caught that vibe and made it happen. He is a huge superstar, but that dude vibes with other mc's like he's a stretch armstrong, 89 tek 9 head. They showed me what that California shit was like. I don't think I can even discuss the shit that goes on out there.

    I hear you've got a mixtape in the works, what's good with that?

    I got a bunch of music in the works. i just want to get it to the masses properly. so whether its an official mixtape, an independent album or a major situation it will happen in the near future.

    Your new song "Closer to My Dreams" is crazy, what do you want your fans to take away from that?

    I want them to take my most personal feelings and make them feel like a friend to me as well as a fan. I trust them with that information, that knowledge that success is not promised for anybody, no matter how talented you are...but no matter what the odds against you are if you honestly put in the blood the sweat and the tears and keep your karma correct....... throughout the whole struggle no matter how ugly it gets, it will pay off and that's how i feel about my career eventhough i might be down and out at times. Every time I lay a song down, I get "closer to my dreams"

    What producers are you working with now?

    Whoever is hot. I don't care whether he just came out of jail or has a few platinum albums out. But my peoples that I fucks with on the reg would be my man Phenom, who gave me my two hottest joints, Marco polo, J-force. This new kid who's crazy, Shea and these two new cats that are bananas, Colsear and this other dude Cue trax. Plus DJ Do-It-All from A.C. gave me fire!!

    Who would you like to work with?


    How much of a factor do you think your race is in getting people to listen to you? Is it even a factor anymore?

    If it is, I wouldn't know.

    How did you get "put-on" in the industry?

    I spit my way through. Certain people showed love, certain people hate. I know how to network cause i know the street but the first dude I got around that had his foot in this music shit was my man Wiggs, who was managing Shyheim and even he didn't put me on to this industry, but he gave me moral support and brought me around the studio, and I was a young kid..and he did something far more important than "put me on". He told me, "Go to Stapleton", that's where its at. This had the same effect and created the same animal as Rocky when Apollo brought him to the hood and showed him how to dance.

    What's the most important thing for young MC's to do nowadays?

    Put some thought behind that pen and realize as big as the gangsta drug, pistol rap seems, its a real small thing and you don't have base your substance as an artist on that to blow up.

    What's your current label situation?

    You know....Brioni, Sean john, Guess, phat Farm, Lil' Rocawearz, Nikes, ,...you know, I stay fresh!!!! I'm playin, let's make it pop and then we'll talk about it.

    How can fans reach out to you?

    Peep www.jojopellegrino.com or send me something to:
    1351 Forest Ave.
    PMB 420
    Staten Island, NY 10302

    I enjoy reading letters from fans, haters, whatever!

    When does the mixtape drop?

    Stay in tuned with my website. I'll keep all the news flashes on there cause as of right now there's no set date.

    Any last words?

    South Shore stuff.
    Song Of The Week

    "Crazy Insane or Insane Crazy when i say Hussein u say CZ"

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