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  • Official Fabolous Appreciation Thread

    Here is a couple of his songs with lyrics and a link to the song, Fabolous is one of the illest fa sho!



    Artist: Fabolous
    Album: Ghetto Fabolous
    Song: Gotta Be Thug (Bonus Track)
    Typed by: [email protected]

    Yo, Fabolous strive for digits, even connive to get it
    *****s can't tell me nothin' dun, the 5 is kitted
    for Dead Presidents any cat alive can get it
    I walk around covered in ice like I survived a blizzard
    got enough chips to bribe you wit' it
    pay off security at clubs, get my guns and knives admitted
    I'm the type that gets tried and aquitted
    if my vibes ain't wit' it I pull the Four-Five and spit it
    then *****s run to the precinct and describe who did it
    come home and find the necks on their wives are slitted
    I got *****s on my side comitted
    to leave you and the driver splitted
    with your brain spilled inside your fitted
    Fabolous, the only way to I.D. him is in a Five BM
    puffin' sticky green 'till my eyes be slim
    operate with more chips than IBM
    fuck with me and make the news at Five PM.

    Chorus -
    If ya'll see me gettin' locked it gotta be drugs
    if ya'll see chrome on the truck it gotta be dubs
    if I'm givin' somethin' to haters it gotta be slugs
    if it's one thing it's gotta be it's gotta be thug
    no info, I'm I'm leakin' it gotta be blood
    If my earlobes are hangin', it gotta be studs
    if the bitch on her knees, it gotta be love
    if it's one thing it's gotta be, it's gotta be thug.

    *****s don't wanna play around, they see how calm I do things
    swarm in a blue range, armed with two flames
    Flex play my joints, drop bombs like Hussien
    catch a cataracts, glance at the charm and new chain
    I got coke in every part of Brooknam that you name
    *****s want it, when you wave firearms their views change
    end up havin' to move they Moms to Ukraine
    get ADT alarms and new names
    come in the club, under each arm is two dames
    buyin' bottles of Dom with my loose change
    *****s hate me now 'cause I catch the eyes of dimes
    flooded the hood with Tre's the size of dimes
    ride through the hood with chrome pokin' off the wheels
    I'm in the game tryin' to get broken off with Mils
    shove the gun in your mouth, have you chokin' off the steel
    *****s love the band, but the chicks open off the grill.

    Chorus -

    I'm ready to address the haters and underestimaters
    hop in the truck, ride up on ya'll like escalators
    hit ya chest up, leave you hooked to respirators
    bed ridden talkin' to investigators
    now these ladies will do anything just to date us
    'cause we skate around on ice like escapaders
    dressed in Gators, in peace I'm restin' haters
    when police come for me, fly West to Vegas
    ridin' or dyin', *****s know I'm ridin' with iron
    smoke compartment in the dash that I'm hidin' the lye in
    my pockets is fat, ya'll accounts is on slim fast
    I'm Twenty, with Twenty's on a M-Class
    just gimmie head it won't sweat your hairdo out
    we ain't tryin' to hear you out we tryin' to air you out
    make ya'll run to the stores and clear Clue out
    'bout to put cameras in the truck, take the rearviews out
    What *****....

    Chorus -
    Difficult takes a day, Impossible takes a week

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    Artist: Fabolous
    Album: Real Talk
    Song: In My Hood
    Typed by: [email protected]

    When you grow up in my hood
    Help don't show up in my hood
    Gang signs go up in my hood, just cuz you in..my..hood
    Feel like I'm trapped in my hood
    Young kids get clapped in my hood
    That's why I'm strapped in my hood, just cuz you in..my..hood
    In..my..hood, in my hood, in my hood

    [Verse 1: Fabolous]
    I'm always close to..
    feeling like a corner stander, stoop sitter, or hallway post-er
    No matter where I go it's always 'posed to, feel just like I'm (in my hood)
    Cops drive in it every 5 minutes, look at your faces, pat your waists'
    Try to find the stash where the gats and base is, I can't say that they racist
    But I know.. it ain't the same in they town
    And as fucked up as it may sound (in my hood)
    it's 2 ways to make it happen off the streets
    Balling on the courts or rapping off the beats
    You hear the shells tappin' off the 'crete, when they clappin' off the heat
    Then the yellow tape's trappin off the street
    But that's the way we was raised
    Preying to God, hoping that he keep us out the way of them strays


    [Verse 2: Fabolous]
    They drink 'til the cups dry, eat 'til the plate's clean
    *****z be in state greens 'fore they turn 18
    'Round here you never let the beef slide twice
    Everybody raised on 4 wings and beef fried rice
    Them mothers are getting younger today
    Got one by the hand, one in the stroller and one on the way
    We don't have role models
    But we got them handguns that hold hollows (in my hood)
    Ain't no diplomas or degrees
    but you can get high from the aroma of the trees (in my hood)
    I know it like navigation, and fuck having patience
    I'ma get mine, you better get yours, cuz everyday is a struggle
    And One-Time ride through everyday just to bug you
    That's how it is, cuz your rights be wrong
    And everybody got a white T on, when you're in..my..hood


    [Verse 3: Fab]
    We try to make the most of what we got
    You either been hit, or been close to gettin shot (in my hood)
    Any ***** that boast be getting got
    And dopeheads fiend to get a dose of what we got
    and young *****z be like they slow
    But you give them a blunt..bet they roll the weed like a pro
    If you trick it's not a problem it gets you laid
    But if you stick without a condom, it gets you AIDS
    No Sesame Street, kids watch BET
    Look up to *****z that don't got a GED
    I know a dude with the deadbeat tag
    kids don't got diapers but he ridin' in the red G-Wag'
    In the hood, you and your beef is sure to bump heads
    and everybody grew up sleepin on bunk beds
    They telling me to vote..and I would
    If it made a change in my hood..mu'fucka.


    [Fab talks 'til the end]
    Difficult takes a day, Impossible takes a week


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      Artist: Fabolous
      Album: Ghetto Fabolous
      Song: Keepin' it Gangsta
      Typed by: [email protected]

      [Fabolous talking]
      Fabolous, yeah, uh-huh, uh-huh, Yeah
      Yo, I don't care what y'all do, how y'all do
      Where y'all do it, just keep it gangsta
      Look at them gangstas

      [Verse 1]
      Fab's livin' la vida loca
      Only ***** in the hood you can come see for either weed or coca
      Nark's wanna see me and my team in a chair
      They heard about the kid with the high beams in his ear
      DEA been lookin' for proof since 9-3
      When I came thruogh in the Benz with the roof behind me
      Tell them jake's through on bullet proof's and find me
      You need extingwishers to go in the booth behind me
      Who the fuck wanna beef
      My Fendi knits be 3X so you can't see whats tucked underneath
      And I might not even drop
      Just take my advance and make a small town in Cleveland pop
      "Vivrant Thing" on my hip, that will make you "Breathe and Stop"
      Rock ya chain in ya shirt, Your roll (Rollie) with the sleeve on top
      You *****s know where my heat stay at
      I leave *****s MIA and I ain't talkin where the Heat play at

      Y'all know who
      Keepin' it Gangsta
      We come through
      Keepin' it Gangsta
      Y'all know how we do
      Keepin' it Gangsta
      My whole crew
      Keepin' it Gangsta

      [Verse 2]
      *****s don't think I'm still shavin crack
      Cause I pull up in a truck with a system that make the pavement crack
      Baugettes have my face and band covered
      And I keep a "Lethal Weapon" like Mel Gibson and Dan Glover
      Now I lose V Money and C Lo
      And the cops think me and Muggs is G Money and Nino
      I don't hit these honey's with C-Notes
      Rather put them on Greyhound, Strap these honey's with kilo's
      Type of gangsta every chick wants
      I get Nike's from Aster you won't see hit the store for 6 months
      Something bout the Beamer X5
      When I come through it be increasing a skeo's sex drive
      Half the click look like they stuck Genesis up
      The other half is tryin to wrap they sentances up
      I'm never gon' hate,half these artists never slung weight
      When they call NY, its the only time they touch the 7-1-8

      Y'all know who
      Keepin' it Gangsta
      We come through
      Keepin' it Gangsta
      Y'all know how we do
      Keepin' it Gangsta
      My whole crew
      Keepin' it Gangsta

      [Verse 3]
      I lay low on the other side of the globe
      Carat's hangin out the side of my lobe
      Pull in ya drivers side and unload
      They find ya when its time for your ride to be towed
      On side of the road
      With ya brain on ya passenger side of ya Rove (Rover)
      Ya'll *****z ain't gangsta til ya'll ridin and Fed's tail ya
      Hit a chick once and she runnin back like Fred Taylor
      Im snatchin everything in the PJ's now
      Thats why most these *****s is workin' with the DA's now
      If I'm in a hoop ride or a buggy coupe 5
      Keepin' it Gangsta
      If I'm with a hoochie freak or a dime in Gucci sneaks
      Keepin' it Gangsta
      If I'm probally in the hood or I'm in Hollywood
      Keepin' it Gangsta
      If I spit 16 on a track or 16 from a gat
      Keepin' it Gangsta

      Y'all know who
      Keepin' it Gangsta
      We come through
      Keepin' it Gangsta
      Y'all know how we do
      Keepin' it Gangsta
      My whole crew
      Keepin' it Gangsta
      Difficult takes a day, Impossible takes a week


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        Artist: Fabolous
        Album: Street Dreams
        Song: Bad Bitch
        Typed by: [email protected] *

        * send corrections to the typist

        Yeah, I'm a Ghetto Superstar *****
        Most *****s trying to get one chick, right?
        I'm trying to get two
        You know, two is always better than one, right?

        I'm trying to kill two birds with one stone
        It's 151's prone, that have you and hun's stoned
        Trying the unknown
        Doing things I know y'all parents wouldn't con-done
        It's you, her and me; eyes too blurred to see
        Speech too slurred to G
        But you know "Young'n" would love ta
        See ya upon each other, feeling on me while tongue'n each other
        Wow! it's a wonderful thing
        To have a pretty female under each wing
        The cake can prob'ly Pollie, both of these Bobby Darlies
        That take off their Rockavalis?
        My job is narly from getting slobbed on Harley's
        Getting smoke from the supplier, robbin' Marley
        I hope this ain't tooking wrong
        But ma now I wanna see how both of y'all look in thongs

        I got a bad bitch on my left side (oww)
        Bad bitch on my right side (okay)
        I suggest it be best if we get by
        Said a bad bitch on my left side (oww)
        Bad bitch on my right side (okay)
        I suggest it be best if we get by

        I'm willing to geese 'em if they feeling a threesome
        I'm pulling up in the GT before the dealers release them
        I ain't with the blazay blah
        Cause I hold the record for the most Menage Trois and lama taje (?)
        I got a bad chick on my left lap
        Bad chick on my right lap
        Do as I suggest, I confess
        At my request they gon' get right
        So when you see lipstick on both cheeks
        That mean I slip dick in both freaks
        They started calling me Two Time Johnny
        After repeatedly leaving the club wit two damn mami's
        This brother done had 'em
        From close friends, the girls all know each other from Adam
        I'm always this humble boo, HELL YES!
        It's cool for your girlfriend to come through too


        At the most it'll take an hour together
        To get these girls from dancing wit each other
        In to taking showers together
        They know, it's a studio in Fab crib
        One of y'all can rock the mic while the other one ad libs
        Boo, my government is personal
        But I got enough sets of twins to make Doublemint commercials
        After trying X, I can only imagine what y'all be trying next
        The stacks that I be splurging have girls in the back of the Excursion
        Forgetting bout the fact that they was virgins
        I don't care who you bringing wit you
        Just let her know that I'm poking her while I'm fingering you
        I love that thing that you do
        And I know about the tongue and nipple
        But I ain't know you had a ring in it too
        I can tell when they came, cause they start spelling my name
        Like F-A, B-O, L-O, U-S (oww)

        Difficult takes a day, Impossible takes a week


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          You mad cause this thread isn't about eminem? ahahaha lame
          Difficult takes a day, Impossible takes a week


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            Can You Hear Me is a good song by Fabolous


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              Great rapper
              true ^


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                Ive always liked him. He dont get the recognition he deserves, cuz he releases all that poppy shit like 'baby', but when ya listen to his albums, he is one of the realest out there.
                aka cryptorchild


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