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  • My "Late Registration" review...

    I miss the nerdy Kanye who looked like Urkel...

    Hey Mama, Some of the beats...

    Kanye should hire a ghostwriter, most of the guests, Camron..the DRUMS...

    The Bottom Line:
    Maybe if Kanye's skills on the mic would be as big as his ego....

    Full Review:
    Some call it irony, some poetic justice. In 2004, Kanye West released his debut album Collage Dropout. I (and a bunch of other people) loved it, the production was mostly beautiful, the guests were amazing, and the lyrics (except for Kanye’s) were mostly good. The album was successful and it was getting some very good reviews, even though nobody called it an instant classic…except Kanye himself of course. Kanye’s ego grew faster than…something that grows fast. Everywhere I looked, Kanye West was there talking about how he was a Hip Hop legend and how his album was the only album that deserved 5 mic rating in the Source…except of course Jay-Z’ s Blueprint.
    Well, to make a long story short, Kanye then released this album, Late Registration, and claimed that it was even BETTER. Lets see…

    1. Wake Up Mr. West (Not Rated)
    2. Heard ‘Em Say F/ Adam Levine (3 stars)
    3. Touch the Sky f/ Lupe Fiasco (2½)
    4. Gold Digger f/ Jamie Foxx (3 stars)
    5. Skit #1 (Not Rated)
    6. Drive Slow F/ Paul Wall & CLG (3 stars)
    7. My Way Home F/ Common (2 stars)
    8. Crack Music f/ The Game (2½ stars)
    9. Roses (3 stars)
    10. Bring Me Down F/ Brandy (3 stars)
    11. Addiction (2½ stars)
    12. Skit #2
    13. Diamonds from Sierra Leone REMIX f/ Jay-Z (4 stars)
    14. We Major f/ Nas & Really Doe (2½ stars)
    15. Skit #3
    16. Hey Mama (4½ stars)
    17. Celebration (3 stars)
    18. Skit #4
    19. Gone (3 stars)
    20. Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Bonus) (3½ stars)
    21. Late (Hidden) (3 stars)

    Just like Collage Dropout, the album opens up with a skit featuring Bernie Mac. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love both Bernie Mac the comedian and his show, but I do not love when people talk with strange accents that are supposed to be funny but are just annoying.

    If you were awake, even for just one day, in 2004 I know you’ve heard a man called Adam Levine and his band Maroon 5 sing with his semi-annoying voice “THIS LOVE…” or “SHEEEEEEEEEEEE WIIIIIIILL BE LOOOOOOOOOOOOVED”. Well, anyways, that Adam Levine joins Kanye West on the opening track Heard ‘Em Say (haha…Adam and West…you do the math). The production is above average, the piano sample is lovely, but the annoying drum loop is NOT. Then again, Kanye has ALWAYS had a bad ear for drum sounds.

    I kid you not, as soon as I heard that Kanye west had a song called Gold Digger I knew, based on my knowledge on how wack lyricist Kanye is, that he would rhyme “gold digger” with “broke n*gger”, I KNEW IT. Which proves to me that Kanye Wests lyrics are as predictable as a romantic comedy.
    Well, looking past the horrible lyrics we get a fine a*s beat (besides the drums of course). One of the albums finest moments.

    After a very useless skit, we get Drive Slow which samples Hank Crawford’s “Wildflower” (which is something, Eminem, Tupac and myself did way before Kanye). The song itself is not that bad, Kanyes lyrics are above average (which is an achievement for him) and the guests, Paul Wall & CLG, are not bad.

    The two biggest stars on this album, Nas and Common, both do horrible on this album. My Way Home is NOTHING like the tracks on Common’s “BE”. The beat is badly produced, the chorus is annoying and Common is DEAD-ON BORING. Things don’t get better with Nas’s We Major, even though Nas does an above average job on the track, the beat is horribly overproduced and annoying and this Really Doe character is straight up wack.
    The sad thing is, these were the two tracks both me and probably most other people were looking forward to and they STINK.

    Crack Music suffers the same fate that mostly all of the other tracks do; the beat is hot but Kanye sounds horrible. Plus, the chorus doesn’t even make sense.

    Talking about a hot beat but wack lyrics, the lead single Diamonds From Sierra Leone is featured here in two versions. The former is the remix with Jay-Z, while the other is the original one. At first, I didn’t understand why he had the remix on the actual album but the lead single as a bonus…now I understand. The remix is ten times better, even though it’s more of a braggory track than the lead single.
    You see, the lead single is a unsuccessful mixture of bling bling-lyrics and some-what conscious lyrics about blood diamonds. Unfortunately for Kanye, he is just to wack of a lyricist to handle such a subject matter.

    Hey Mama reminds me VERY much of P.Diddy’s I’ll Be Missing You. Because even though the rhymes are somewhat wack, the subject matter and the subject make up for it. Hey Mama is the album’s best track, without any doubt.

    The Big Final:

    Beats: 3½ star
    Lyrics: 3 stars
    Creativity: 3 stars
    Guests: 2½ stars

    Overall rating: 3 stars.

    My Personal Tracklist:

    1. Wake Up Mr. West
    2. Heard ‘Em Say
    3. Diamonds From Sierra Leone f/ Jay-Z
    4. Roses
    5. Skit #1
    6. Skit #2
    7. Drive Slow
    8. We Major
    9. Diamonds From Sierra Leone
    10. Gold Digger
    11. Crack Music
    12. Late
    13. Skit #3
    14. My Way Home
    15. Skit #4
    16. Gone
    17. Celebration
    18. Bring Me Down
    19. Addiction
    20. Touch the Sky
    21. Hey Mama


    Great Music to Play While: Going to Sleep
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    My Top 5 Personal Favorite Rappers:

    1. Slug (of Atmosphere)
    2. Eminem
    3. Brother Ali
    4. Ludacris
    5. The Streets (Mike Skinner)

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    it wasnt bernie mac, it was deray
    Back like Cooked Crack


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      That was a pathetic review and I could easily determine how much you know about music when in the first sentence of it you bashed Adam Levine of Maroon 5. They rank right up there with Coldplay for one of my favorite new bands and most people would agree.
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        Originally posted by KINGB19
        That was a pathetic review and I could easily determine how much you know about music when in the first sentence of it you bashed Adam Levine of Maroon 5. They rank right up there with Coldplay for one of my favorite new bands and most people would agree.
        Ehm...right...besides the fact that Colplay ISN'T NEW (which shows ME how much you know about music), just because I don't like the same music as you (even though Colplay has had some good songs) doesn't mean I know less than you about music (anything else would be bull since you obviously don't know jack about music).
        Another thing - when did I "bash" Adam Levine? All I said was that I thought his voice was annoying on those two choruses...

        My Top 5 Personal Favorite Rappers:

        1. Slug (of Atmosphere)
        2. Eminem
        3. Brother Ali
        4. Ludacris
        5. The Streets (Mike Skinner)


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          Well I agree with most, although overall I'd rate it 3,5/5


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            cheers to your rating of Hey Mama...my fav on the album right now
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              Personally I Havent Noticed The Annoying Drums. My Favourite Tracks So Far Are Heard 'Em Say (i think yay and adam levine work real well together) And Touch The Sky (Just Blaze does a dope job on this beat).

              Cutting Games Verse From Crack Music Was imo A Mistake, That Track Is A Big Let Down To What It Could Have Been.

              In The Future I'd Like To See Kanye And Andre 3000 Work Together.
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                Good review. I agree


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                  I agree and dissagree. I think the common short song is the best peice of material on the cd though.


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                    I very much disagree with this review. I don't think Kanye's lyrics are wack at all. Nor are his drums.
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                      That review pretty much sucks imo. How can you say the drums suck?
                      And how can you give Celebration the same score as Roses and Addiction.
                      Also why did you give Touch The Sky 2.5? :-\
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                        Good Review, people need to respect this guys opinion.


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                          His lyrics aren't wack people just don't get his wordplay, he's no Nas, Em, Or Jay, but his lyrics really aren't all that bad, and leavin' Games verse off Crack Music was a big mistake, I was dissapointed cuz thatz a hot beat...
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                            I hated the Crack Music beat...I respect your opinion and that was a pretty good review even though I dsagree, but I detect some bias in your review.

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                              you know how i know your gay?

                              you listen to coldplay
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