A new DJ E-V Interview we did

Question: Tell us a bit about yourself.

DJ E-V: Im 20-year old Mix Tape, Radio & Club DJ. Im also in college for film degree, & reppin the Midwest (Cleveland, OHIO).

Question: How did you start in the music business?

DJ E-V: I started dj-in as a kid in 7th grade (1997), when my dad got me my first turntable. Then when I went to college (2003) I really started to get into it locally, doing parties, clubs, a radio show and mix tapes. In late 2005 I entered the National dj scene. My 1st project, Terry Urban (of The League Crew) and I dropped my 1st real Mix Tape with Paul Wall called Boyz In A Dayz. In Jan. 06 I dropped another Mix Tape w/ Paul Wall called ON DEMAND.

Question: What projects are you working on right now?

DJ E-V: I just finished up a Mix Tape W/ DIPSET & BYRDGANG in streets & stores April 17th. Called DIPSET CITY (Hosted By DIPSET Them self) DJ E-V and BIG HEFF (of In The Way Marketing, DJ Gpots crew & Shadyville Djs)

In 2 weeks Im dropping a mix tape with Ohios best unsigned talent COPYWRITE & ODOT(King Dom). Its Called E-V MONEY the ODOT takeover (Hosted by Copywrite & ODOT).

And this summer projects with Joey Fingaz, Jay-Z, In The Way Marketing, Christopher Truth, Dj Step One, and newest crew, The SENATE Dj CREW!..

Question: If you could choose, who would you like to work with?

DJ E-V: Ive always wanted to work with Clinton Sparks, Mick Boogie, The Game, G-Unit, Papoose and many others.

Question: Where do you see yourself in 5 Years from now?

DJ E-V: If all goes well, in the film industry editing films and or music videos in L.A. or NYC. I will still be doing clubs and mix tapes, but I hope on an international level.

Question: What goal do you want to reach this Year?

DJ E-V: 10 more WELL DONE Mix Tapes, and rookie of the year for the midwest. Also appear on TV and have my own Sirius show since now we, (the Senate dj crew) have a show on XM (Sundays).

Question: Any last words to the People?

DJ E-V: Remember the name DJ E-V.

Go get that Dj E-V dipset city mix tape and any other E-V mix tapes.

Check me out on www.MySpace.com/DjEV

djE-V.com coming soon!!

also for booking and masters email me: [email protected]