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    hes dead man
    if he aint bak by september 13th then he is definatly dead


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      yeah i agree there ill be shittin bricks the whole day

      i just think ppl dont believe in miracles, thats why they dont believe the possiblity hes coming back. but if he dont than oh well.
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        ^^yeah ur rite on september 13th ill be shittin myself
        i could go home and see on news that he is alive

        if he is alive how do you reckon he woudl show teh world?

        Would he pull of sum big promo stunt or summin


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          Maybe he knew it was a mattger of time before someones hunted him down and. As much as he was respected as a rapper etc he always pissed alot of ppl off. So he started rappin about how he was gonna fake his death, changed his name to Makaveli etc etc

          Get wot im sayin

          Jus an idea


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            pac is dead, it's illegal to fake your own death and doing it infront of the world, he'd probably be locked up for life.

            but i heard he was gonna gonna come back at a bone thugs and harmony concert. << for the people who are wondering how he would come back

            i dont like how sombody said pac was average at best, thats bullshit, he was a great lyricist and his songs made you think. He also had songs you could dance to, relax and smoke a joint to.

            and hit em up was the greatest diss song ever and he wasn't a battle rapper. so all around he was one of the greats
            ...::: Player Hater of the Year :::...


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              2pac is dead and the reason he has weird lyrics is cause he knew he would get killed and not ever live to see the age of 30 cause of the life he was living so he rapped about it and made clues to keep people interested. 2pac was a smart motha fucker whether u like his music or not u can't deny that.


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                vexx u still my *****
                I scare the shit out of myself everyday -- I am a snowboarder.


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                  Man I think he's dead....BUT....

                  There's alot of stuff that Pac said about the 7 theory. I used to have like 20 of them, but I lost them.....Damn. But they were good.
                  WOOOORD FAM


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                    As much as I wish he was alived....

                    I believe hes' gone,and peeps need to let him rest in peace...

                    "I've have graduated to the next level, to be a player, not a player of females, but a player of life, this game of life is a game, and you have to play it to the fullest" -2PAC

                    --50 Cent--
                    No more freestyles and verses killin Sticky and Ja
                    I'm moving on now,I got bigga fish to fry
                    Since "How to rob" alot of *****'s been naming names
                    Monkey see,monkey do..I dont changed the game
                    Still *****'s acting like I dont get down or something
                    Like I aint the next ***** to wear the crown or something
                    You go'n talk about ya chips,till we run in ya crib
                    Then you go'n ask dumb questions like "Can I Live"
                    Look,If I shoot you- I'm famous
                    If you shoot me your brainless- said it ya'self
                    I'm slick enough to twist ya lines and send em' back at you
                    Swift enough to snatch that mack and pop that at you
                    Take it personal...see if I dont send you to hell
                    I done told Tone and Pope they betta have my bail
                    But if it's ova a mill, dont put the crib up dun
                    Cuz if 50 get free,***** 50 go'n run


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                      How long do you get locked up for faking your death anyway?

                      I mean what's he gonna do pop up on stage then get locked away so people have to wait for him to return again?!

                      It would be tight as fuck to see him come back... but he's probably dead. Though I did raise my eyebrows when I heard the new one with 50 and him. "Till Makaveli returns it's all eyes on me..."!


                      • #26
                        pacs ALIVE

                        wait till makaveli returns

                        expect me ***** like you expect jesus to come back
                        IM COMIN !
                        Denaun and Swifty please
                        Give it a year, both y'all be rakin' 50's leaves
                        But What do I know, that other ***** y'all got in your group
                        I don't even know his name, but he can shovel my snow


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                          thank you, and pac wasn't all that great, he was average at best
                          are you serious? if you think tupac shakur was only an average rapper, then you judge rap music completely different then i do. tupac is the GOAT (IMO), plain and simple.

                          did shakespeare have the most complex rhyme schemes? no. he is considered the greatest poet of all time because of the combonation of all his skills. tupac was the greatest lyricist of all time, but he was the greatest rapper. i don't think any other rapper will ever touch as many people as pac did. his lyrics were beyond words; you could hear his feelings in every song he did, and he had a knack of making you feel that way too.


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                            i heard from round the way theres supposed to some thing on sept 13th on BET for awards or somtin, i dont think its the music awards but its somtin, maybe he can pop out there?

                            itd be tight if they were like "in rememberence of tupac we play this song", n they played one of his 100'ds of tight songs n someone came out in all black with a mask n at the end of the song he rippe dthe mask off n it was him, i know its a dream but we all can hope, n that would be the way to come out if u were gonna do it, just to see the fuckin crowd when he takes off that mask, it would be like a fuckin holiday or somtin lol
                            -DeeJay PooHBeaR

                            Put your ***els up, no fuck it put your honey up
                            Put your raggedy house up *****, or shut your mouth up
                            before I buck lead, and make a lot of blood shed
                            Turn your tux red, I'm far from broke, got enough bread
                            And mad hoes, ask Beavis I get nuttin Butt-head

                            - BiG L Rest in Peace


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                              Originally posted by BurstONe
                              Though I did raise my eyebrows when I heard the new one with 50 and him. "Till Makaveli returns it's all eyes on me..."!

                              That dont mean shit, how the fuck would 50 cent know if Tupac is alive? He wont, he uses that cos he know ppl still think hes alive, dont think to deep into shit think logical.


                              • #30
                                i had a deep talk with my brother one night about pac, we were comin up with all kindza crazy ideas about how he would come back, if he would come back, i came up with some shit like he might be jesus, and how he died and he comes back for a couple days or some shit, a lot of deep ideas were already posted though, this is a tight thread
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