This game was donw before but now its lost in the hip hop forum somewhere
This was a fun and informative game so i think it's worth doing again.
Maybe we shouldnt limit it to "underground" tho cuz that might make it too easy. I would put this in the Hip Hop forum but theres too many fags in there that would ruin it.

Heres an example:
Jedi Mind Tricks and El-P

El-p has been on many tracks with Aesop Rock (We're Famous)
Aesop Rock was on "Put Your Quarter Up" with MF Doom
Mf Doom was on "Strange Universe" with Non Phixion
Ill Bill and Sabac of Non Phixion were on "The Wolf" with Jedi Mind

Make it under 6 degrees of seperation.
This is a good game cuz its fun and a lot of the time you will hear about a song that has two of your favorite artists in a duo that you havent heard before.

Here's some to get started.....

Illogic - Kool G Rap
KRS One - Klashnekoff
Dead Prez - C Rayz Walz
Q-Unique - Prodigy of Mobb Deep
Nas - Jean Grae