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  • L.E.G.A.C.Y. Interview

    Interview by www.neblinarecords.com

    JJ: Yo Leg, what up man... first off, thanks for sittin' with me for a second. I know you a busy dude, especially
    with your album Project Mayhem getting ready to drop May 17th... how does it feel to be up
    next - do you think you will live up to the hype, etc etc? You have a lot of lovers and haters,
    do you think the supporters will step up and support the album?

    Leg: I feel like it's been a long time coming man...I don't get caught up in "living up to the hype" type actions I'm gonna do what I do either way....and yes I am confident that my army of space monkeys will go out and support...as for the hater that's a part of the game, you're not making moves if nobody hates you...can't please everybody doesn't matter how great you are---look at Jesus.

    JJ: Haha, that's for sure. Good way to look at it. Ok, so everybody on this site knows the basics about you - you're a cocky, arrogant rockstar, you're an on-the-edge-living motherfucker that twerks with 9th Wonder. Let's skip that part, B. We wanna get further into some sh*t that that mayne! So let's go ahead and start it off..

    What where your favorite albums or songs growing up? Like when you were in elementary school, sh*t you're people used to rock at the crib...

    Leg: Yo if you walked into my house during that period you could look down the hall and see a hugemongous Run-DMC poster(them on top of NY or some sh*t) which pretty much set the trend for what was poppin...my older brother bought/dubbed damn near every rap tap out during that time...i was a lil dude going to school reciting Kane, The Boogie Boys, LL, The Fat Boys, The Boogie Boys, UTFO, NWA, Rakim etc.etc those were truly the "golden years" of hip-hop.

    JJ: I hear that man... that was that cutting edge sh*t back then man.. but yo, what kind of woman are you attracted to n sh*t? Do you like em nasty, clean, from the PJs or classy and with glasses man?

    Leg: I mean clean is the key word here lol...

    JJ: LOL

    Leg:I'm big on girl smells and sh*t, I don't want no girl smellin like my homeboys lol...I've been through phases with what I was into...right now I'm into petite but stacked, long real hair and they just got "that way about em" ...I'm also big on personality... looks can wither, personality doesn't and a shoutout to __________ while on that subject

    JJ: That's true man. Beauty is on the inside, and all that other mushy sh*t, haha.

    If you had to drink a 40, what brand would you pick? Bull, Cobra, Icehouse, Old E, or anything like that...

    Leg: Out of those listed gotta be the Icehouse...as a youth I drank/earled off of all that crazy malt liquor sh*t.

    JJ: Boy. Drank/earled is the key word. Believe me cous, I feel you! LOL. Yo, so who is hot right now on your radar? I'm talking rock music. I think I heard you like the oldies type sh*t, can you go into that a little bit? Why do you like different kinds of music so much?

    Leg: I was just talking about this sh*t the other day......wait hold on dawg I gotta take a smoke break..................alright I'm back now but yeah Hip-Hop generally I like a lot of underground artists and dislike mainstream and with Rock it's the opposite the new age rock underground is poor and I f**k with the mainstream Greenday("Boulevard of Broken Dreams" has been my sh*t for like 6 months) it's weird....but yeah I feel if you're in the industry you should know a lil bit about all kinds of music.

    JJ: I hear you are originally from the Goldsboro/Dudley side of NC... how thugged out is that sh*t there? Musically, what kinda sound is coming out of there?

    Leg: Actually I'm Fayettenamese(did 15 years in Nam) I lived in Wayne County for like 6 years...and yeah sh*t happens homes, a lot of people don't know you can get it in most of those small towns quicker then some of the big cities...sh*t got wild down there even today it's still some sh*t going on.....I don't know much about the sound there anymore...things/times change.

    JJ: Word up. Big shouts to Demarko, Boot, Dominique, Twan B, Bone & AB out in Goldsboro...

    The Justus League is kinda pinned as "Concsious Hip-Hop" most of the time, do you think you fit that moniker?

    Leg: conscious (sc) smoncious I don't give a f**k about none of that bullshit I make and serve dope....will you learn some life lesson from some of my music? Damn if I know....and I don't see me fitting in any moniker...labeling of artists like that is just "the man" trying to hold us down....I hate when people categorize mufuckas man..let people show growth.

    JJ: Yup, I'm right there with you on that one. Music is music... Quick question - are you a troublemaker?

    Leg: Can be/have been pick one.

    JJ: I had your first demo when it came out, my brother gave me that sh*t... I thought it sounded pretty good but the beats on it weren't the best... You've grown to be 20,000 times better than what I heard on that CD, I want to know why. Is it practice, dedication, boredom or drug usage? LOL. I say that because you have
    some really creative topics, stuff the average MC couldn't tackle.

    Leg: Probably a combo of all of those things plus a whole list of other sh*t...i mean the cd in question "the Best of L.E.G.A.C.Y.(The Bootleg Version)" was a lot of sh*t recorded from like 97-99...at the time i really had no idenity, I mean there was some bouncy tracks up there sh*t like that that kinda faded away lol... I was following trend..I was young, arrogant, stupid and I thought like f**k it the beat doesn't have to be dope as long as I got the lyrics....didn't fly...nobody really gave a sh*t til I got a better soundscape and learned how to make a song.

    JJ: Alot of your songs deal with real dark subjects: insomnia, one track minds, slitting wrists (Nice video)... are you a dark person or does your music just reflect one side of you?

    Leg: Hah actually I'm light-skinned lol...I joke, I joke, I kid, I kid... nah but really yeah i have a lot of darkness in me...I've been through a lot of dark sh*t so yeah it reflects in my music...listening to Mayhem people might start to see why it's like that....sh*t ain't all peaches and sh*t in my world maan...maybe one day I'll be content and I can make some songs about birds, trees, double dutch, the ice cream truck, sunlight, the dew on the grass, lil' puppies and happy sh*t like that...til then it's dark sh*t...like me or love me man.

    JJ: You a damn fool, LOL. Speaking of songs n sh*t, tell me what's the real deal about your song catalog? Some people say you have hundreds of songs on stash. Are you gonna leak those or are you doing the "Dr. Dre Vault" kinda thing?

    Leg: Damn if I know...i don't even have the key to open all the vaults...I have a lot of sh*t...I got a stash like Prince or Pac or somebody....for years now I've had the recording work ethic of an aminal(yes I meant to spell it like that)

    JJ: OK, so what MCs do you respect? Now or in the past? Don't say you don't respect any either! I mean cats like Rass Kass, Jay, Nas, Big Daddy Kane, Royce, Slick Rick, The Genius, Rakim, etc etc. I know you have a least a couple.

    Leg: I have respect for all of those humans listed....but those that matter in this day and age.... I fucks with Jay like that - dude's a fuckin' genius all the way around the board, Nas is dope, um....right now I'm checkin Lil Weezy he's mean, Ghostface never let me down, I like Styles P, I wanna see what Corey Gunz is gonna do... I respect a lot of my peers as well, I would be a fan if it weren't for my ego/me thinking I'm better then them, lol.

    JJ: LOL. Aiight, so what are your plans for when you blow? Are you the type to blow all your doe on weed, clothes and hoes? Or would you invest it in a crib, stocks & share the love with your family?

    Leg: God willin' if there is "blowage" lol...I'm gonna turn into more legal money cuz I'm one who never had a lot of cheesebread so if i aquire it I'm gonna be smart with it...I never been big on ***elry and sh*t like that anyway, kitted up cars and sh*t...I don't like to attract attention with material type sh*t.

    JJ: I feel that man, I'm about the same way...

    Man why are the youth of today so fucked up? Why they shooting schools up n sh*t man? What are your thoughts on that.

    Leg: Goes back to the parental units homey...sh*t is different now, all these passive non-violent scared of child abuse charges parent is some wild sh*t man...I know when I was coming up Mommy didn't f**k around dawg lol.

    JJ: Woo, ain't that the damn truth. Them passive non-violent parents kill me man. Ok, if there was a draft for Iraq, would you go to war or would you dodge that sh*t? Are you a real political dude or not at all?

    Leg: War ah naw f**k that...I'll be a N O R E ni**a lol...I would slip off to Canada but they have some kinna problem with me over there lol.

    JJ: What's the craziest sh*t that happened on the Foreign Exchange tour? You were on that with Joe Scudda right? I know ya'll had some crazy sh*t poppin off, LOL

    Leg: What happens on the road stays on the road...I could tell you about...nah can't talk about that...oh wait what about..wait... better not do that either.....we had a ball out there, it brought us closer together, and we layed the murder game flat night in night out check the stats--we're a tribe that will not be broken.

    JJ: Word up Leg, I appreciate the interview man, thanks for getting down with us man. You got any shouts or lasts words at all?

    Leg: Shouts out to the Justus League-still what you need nikka, the Hall of Justus Dynasty you know that... um......6 Hole.....JJ you know I fucks with you like that(tell your brother scream at his boy), Neblina keep it moving, um...everybody out here doing the thing-K mufuckin Hill, the boy Dox, Manovwar,Dan Johns and Amen them SC boyz, my ni**a Remo from The ALLIES ....my man C-Walk, Bear Dog, my ni**a One with that "Bogota"...my new family Shelly B ("Werd em uuup") Krusty's on his way,21st Records...oh damn these ain't my album credits my fault.........stay tuned boys and girls business is picking up...new 12 inch singles from myself ("b*tch I'm A Star" f/Chaundon,Jo Scudda,Median) and The Away team ("Likka Hi") within the next 504 hours....long awaited/overdue full length albums from myself("Project Mayhem") and the Away Team(National Anthem) on May 17th...mark that down that's when things change B...you will see me one way or the other, better believe it! I am the only one that can stop me!!!!!!!!!!

    Interview by: www.neblinarecords.com

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