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  • Interview with Eastwood

    WorldWideConnected.com: For the starters, tell us a little about yourself.

    I started off rapping right after I got out of High School. Well actually, I started rapping like in my last two years of High School, like my junior and my senior year, I fell off into the game and signed to Death Row in 2000, right after High School. I was label mates with Crooked I, Left Eye, you know, Danny Boy, Kurupt, Michelíle, the whole nine. And after that, I was on Death Row for about three years, and I left and went to Black Wall Street, I started the M.O.B. group with Game, we had that poppiní, the group Money Over *****es, it was me, Game and Techniec, I was supposed to do a deal with Black Wall Street and Aftermath, and that didnít go through for whatever reason. I just signed a deal with Jaded Entertainment, thatís a distribution company.

    WorldWideConnected.com: Who were your influences as far as rappiní?

    I was influenced by the Tupacs, the Snoop Doggs, the Ice Cubes, the Eazy-Es, the Dr. Dres, the Rakims, I was influenced by all those cats man. Definitely the Old School, definitely the Old School rappers like Kurtis Blow, you know what Iím sayiní.

    WorldWideConnected.com: How did you first hook up with Death Row?

    Well, Suge heard about me when he was in jail, I was doing records with one of his artists, a dude named Top Dogg asked me to jump on his record, so I jumped on his record and we created a little buzz, and he was on Death Row at the time, so Suge heard about me, and that was one way he heard about me. Another way he heard about me was through a couple of mutual friends we had in the streets, they kinda shot him a kite, wrote him a letter, you know, lettiní him know that I was one of the hottest things coming out of the West Coast, and that he needed to **** with me, and basically, he threw some words back at me, lettiní me know he wanted to **** with me and **** we tied the knot. Once he got out of jail, I got signed, me and Kurupt signed at the same time, and then we got it poppiní.

    WorldWideConnected.com: How come you left Death Row?

    The reason why I left Death Row is, it was more than one reason, but the main reason is because the business wasnít straight with me and Suge, the business wasnít straight, if I ainít eatin, you know, my kids donít eat, so what Iíma do? Stay stuck on a label and not eat, or doing movements? Gotta get my money. What Death Row did do is help publicize my name, all across the world, so I thank Death Row for that, so it wasnít really a bad experience, it was a learning experience.

    WorldWideConnected.com: Will the material you did with them ever come out?

    I have no idea man, I donít know, thatís something you gotta ask Suge, Iím not really trippiní if it do, it sounds good, if it do it do, if it donít it donít, Iím not really trippiní.

    WorldWideConnected.com: Did you ever finish an album over at Death Row?

    Yea I completed an album over there, I just had so many songs, we didnít really necessarily title it an album, I just had a lot of songs over there.

    WorldWideConnected.com: Why was it so difficult for Death Row to release albums?

    I think because Sugeís blackballed, I think a lot of people are scared of him so they donít really wanna deal with him, you donít really wanna do business with someone you gotta be scared of, that ainít too comfortable.

    WorldWideConnected.com: Are you still cool with any of the artists from Death Row that left, like Crooked I, Kurupt and all of them?

    Man Iím cool with everybody that was signed to Death Row. Iím still cool with everybody that was signed to Death Row.

    WorldWideConnected.com: Is there any chance of you collaborating with them soon on a project?

    Of course I would, as long as they got their head on tight, they know that I move forward in life and not backwards, they on the same thing Iím on, then hell yea, Iíll collaborate with the quickness with them.

    WorldWideConnected.com: Yea Crooked I and you were a good team together man.

    The world was ready for me and Crooked I man, thatís real talk.

    WorldWideConnected.com: How did you first hook up with Game?

    Well actually, I met Game at my homieís funeral, one of my mutual friends, one of Sugeís partners, he used to roll with Suge on Death Row, he was one of my buddies too, but yea, I met him at my *****ís funeral, the *****, Game, he was posted up, and I guess he was peepiní me and Suge and everybody else and all the homies choppiní it up, drinkiní and smokiní and ****, pouring out liquor for the homie, and he was just like ďWassup? Eastwood I know who you are, woopty woop woop, Iím tryna **** with yíallÖĒ You know what Iím sayiní, he was like ďLet a ***** spit somethiní, tell me how you like my ****.Ē I let the ***** spit or whatever, he was tight, I was just like, oh ok, his **** sounds tight, so I introduced him to Suge the next day, I gave him my number at the funeral, next day I introduced him to Suge, and it got poppiní you know what Iím sayin, but for whatever reason, him and Suge, it didnít work out, but itís obvious it was a good thing, cause he went with Dre, and did the Aftermath, 50 Cent, G-Unit thing on another level. I met him at my homieís funeral man, he was sayiní he wanted me to give his demo to Death Row, he was tryna do his thing, I was tryna do mine and it turned out he was tight, I looked out for him the best way I could when I was on Death Row, so I brought him to Suge.
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    WorldWideConnected.com: You and Techniec were
    Black Wall Street
    artists at some point, what happened? How come that deal didn’t go through?

    Maybe it was due to all the beefin’ and shit that was going on, it was so much going on at the time with Game’s name, and people hatin’ on him, mother fuckers just not likin’ the situation with him beefin’ with 50, so it kinda got like, out of hand, and it took away from the creative process of putting together this group and it took away the focus of putting together this group and just putting out some dope music.

    WorldWideConnected.com: Are you still cool with Game?

    Yea, yea man, to this day, I’m cool with everybody, I’m cool Techniec, I’m still cool with Game, I’m cool with everybody man, you gotta ask them if they cool with me, know what I’m sayin’? I’m cool with them.

    WorldWideConnected.com: So what have you been up to now?

    Man I’ve been grindin’ man, I just finished my album, Making History AKA Bosses Will Be Bosses, slashed again with no strings attached, I just shot 21 videos, I did a video to every song on the album, cause I feel like every song is a single, I’ve been on full-time grind mode. I just started my promotional tour, so I’ve been on tour, I just got back from the Dominican Republic, I just was out there at the Power Summit, promoting this album and choppin’ it up with PJs and different artists you know what I mean, basically lettin’ the world know that I got a new situation and I’m my own boss now, and I got an album that finna drop. I got 21 videos, and a documentary, that I’m completing right now to put out with the album, so you gon’ an album, you gon get a documentary, the album you getting 2 albums, you getting the Changing The Game album, and you get the Making History album, and then you getting the documentary with 21 videos to come with it, I don’t know what else you can for.

    WorldWideConnected.com: What’s the name of the label you on right now?

    I’m on Jaded Entertainment, Jaded Entertainment and my label Self-Made so be on the lookout for that too, I just got my own label deal.

    WorldWideConnected.com: What can we expect from the album?

    Man I got all in-house production man, I got all new cats with heat, all new young cats with heat.

    WorldWideConnected.com: So it’s all in-house?

    All in-house production man, from the ground up man, real talk, I got all in-house production, all my homies that I ran into that said they was tight, and a lot of people weren’t giving them a chance, I took their beats and made history with it… And they fire too, they fire, people just wasn’t fucking with them cause they didn’t have no name, wasn’t like the music was bad, the music was right, you know what I mean, it just didn’t have no name.

    WorldWideConnected.com: Do you have major distribution for it?

    Yea, we got online distribution for it and we goin’ in stores with it.

    WorldWideConnected.com: Who haven’t you worked with before that you would want to work with now?

    The Dres, the Cubes, unfortunately I can’t do a song with Eazy-E right now, but I could do a song with his son, Lil Eazy, just a few other pioneers, you know, even on the East Coast, like Busta Rhymes, I got something I’m about to do with Busta Rhymes, and some few other cats you know what I’m sayin’.

    WorldWideConnected.com: What’s your opinion on the beef with Lil Eazy and Game?

    I don’t think it’s cool, whatever it is, it should be said, cause at one point and time, they was cool, you know what I’m sayin’, hopefully whatever they got goin’ on ain’t that big to where it gotta keep being a problem, you know, I think they need to just see each other before somebody gets hurt.

    WorldWideConnected.com: What is your opinion of West Coast Rap right now?

    I think that West Coast Rap is actually cool right now, with Game doin’ his thing, Snoop doin’ his thing, I think it’s cool, I think it’s just time for us to come with like a new sound, with the West Coast feel, you know, same West Coast feel, but just come with a new sound, that way we just change the game by doing something different, and that’s kinda what I’m doin’ with my album, I got songs for different regions, I got songs for up North, down South, East Coast and I’m strictly West Coast so you know I’ma keep it West, I got somethin’ where I’m jumpin’ to get my feet wet in their land, it their town, in their country, now they gettin’ down and I just keep it West Coat out there, and as you do that, just put it all together and make magic.

    WorldWideConnected.com: What about Hip Hop as a whole right now?

    I think it’s in a state of emergency man, somebody need to step up to the plate and build more unity in the Rap game, and Hip Hop man, cause we all we got, and it’s always gon’ live on forever, you can’t change that, but why not try to change the game now and come up with with popular concepts, and vibes as a whole, as far as one, and you know, put everything together and just set aside the jealousy and the hate, and all the bullshit, I think it’s just time for a change man, I think it’s time for a change, and I’m gonna be the one to come make that change, and try to build that unity. I got a feeling I can do that by me being chosen to have a voice, in this Rap game, and people are gonna hear me out cause I know they wanna know, it’s a state of emergency man for a real ***** to do the right thing.

    WorldWideConnected.com: It seems like today the South is what the West was 10 years ago.

    You’re correct, you’re 110% correct, I agree, I totally agree with that.

    WorldWideConnected.com: What do you think about the whole South right now?

    Man I love it, I love it, first of all I love because they can unify their self and feel comfortable enough to come up with the records that they come with and they ain’t got to worry about many *****s hatin’, especially where they from or where they gotta lay their head down, and if you got unity, you can conquer the world.

    WorldWideConnected.com: I agree. You said unity, I think the South, shows unity, that’s something that the West and the East, for the most part, there is a lot of division.

    You can feel the togetherness, you can see it man, through these videos, and you can feel how the music they come up with is convincing, it’s convincing that hey, this shit is fun, it makes you dance, it makes you do this, it makes you bounce like this or it makes you get crunk, it’s convincing because they got that togetherness vibe, you can feel it, they sing it through their TV screens, they sing it through their radios, that’s why it’s convincing to the youths, all the way up to the adults and to whoever else that’ll like it.

    WorldWideConnected.com: Have you heard any of the New West?

    Yea I heard of them.

    WorldWideConnected.com: Any thoughts?

    Gotta love it, man, I feel like I’m in the New West, I feel like I’m a part of the New West, I love any ***** from the West Coast that’s tryna do something with their life in this Rap shit, and that’s on a positive note, so the New West, I’m with that. I heard there was a problem with the New West and the old West or whatever, and I heard there were some words exchanged and I’m a ***** that kinda comes from the back in the days, Dogg Pound, mother fucking 2Pac All Eyez On Me days, all up to this New West shit, so I never put an album out back when the West was poppin’, which is the Snoop Doggs and the Kurupts, and the Dazs and the WCs and the Mack 10s, that was before I had deal, so now, that I put out this album, in 2006, I feel like I’m a part of the New West. The New West, also can’t forget who started it, it’s a mutual respect thing man, I got respect for the New West and the old West… Hold on hold on, you can’t spit that like that, I got respect for the New West, and the West Coast pioneers. You gotta pay homage to the *****s who started this shit, if it wasn’t for them, no one knows where we’d really be, to do this Rap shit, and actually hold down the coast that we call our own.

    WorldWideConnected.com: Who from the New West are you feeling the most?

    I don’t have nobody, I feel them all the same.

    WorldWideConnected.com: Aaight, but if there was one you could pick and say I wanna work with you, who would it be?

    I couldn’t pick one my *****.

    Word Association:

    The Game


    Spider Loc


    WorldWideConnected.com: Would you ever work with Spider Loc, even though he is now on G-Unit?

    Nah, Spider Loc did a diss record about me.

    WorldWideConnected.com: Oh for real?

    Yea, he had did a diss record on a mixtape or something, dissin’ me or some shit, and I did some shit back and I don’t know what it is with me and him, I don’t speak on that dude and he don’t speak on me, I don’t wanna speak on it cause I don’t know what it is, cause I know he dissed me and I dissed him back, I don’t know what happened ever since, I don’t even like to speak on dude.

    Crooked I

    We cool

    DJ Quik


    Suge Knight

    Mystery, trouble

    West Coast Rap

    Is back



    50 Cent



    The greatest, the best, straight thug, the realest, when I think of 2Pac I just think of real, a real *****.

    And the last word is for yourself, Eastwood


    WorldWideConnected.com: Any last words?

    Go cop the album, Making History, I’m changing the game, it’s a double album, with a documentary and 21 videos to go to every song on the album, so go cop that album and I’ma hold y’all down long as y’all hold me down, hopefully y’all like what y’all get, I gave it my all, like I said I got some shit for different reasons, I done been through the fire of this Rap shit and I finally made it out, so here we go, my shit is rollin’ and I ain’t gon’ let nothin’ stop it this time, so West Up to all my West Side Rydaz, I’ma keep it World Wide Connected, I’m a universal *****, if anybody fuckin’ with me, I’m fuckin’ with you, you understand me, just don’t step on my toes, and I ain’t gon step on yours. Much love to my fans, thanking all my enemies, much love for keeping my name alive. One.
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      Ohhhhhh, i aint kno Eastwood dropped an album
      "You can spell Bag,you still wouldn't B-A-G" - 40 Cal.


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        Originally posted by The-Oun View Post
        Ohhhhhh, i aint kno Eastwood dropped an album
        he aint dropped yet foool
        Up in the Atmosphere with GOD in the cockpit


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          Eastwood need to hook up with Crooked again
          The Movement!



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